Removing Vibration Noise from Air Conditioning Units

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Using Sound Blankets

If the compressor of your air conditioning unit is making a lot of noise, then a sound blanket is the simplest way of dealing with this problem.

Moreover, it may be a good idea to shift the AC unit to another place where you may create a barrier around it. This holds well in case of smaller units, but if you’re dealing with larger AC units, then it may not be possible to do so.

In such cases, you should consider the following troubleshooting steps to deal with the vibration noise.

Troubleshooting Roof-Mounted Air Conditioners

Vibrations caused by a roof-mounted air conditioning unit can be very annoying, and they may give you the impression that the entire building is about to topple over.

There can be several reasons for these vibrations, while the common problem can be overcome by fixing vibration pads to buffer the noise. Here are some simple troubleshooting steps to fix vibration pads for removing vibration noise from air conditioning units that are roof-mounted.

  • Climb up using a ladder and find the AC on the roof.
  • Measure and make a note of the width and length of the base of AC.
  • Buy four vibration pads - one for each corner of the unit.
  • Switch off the power supply.
  • Locate the screws and bolts that hold the AC in proper position on the roof; you can probably find them drilled into an existing concrete pad.
  • Unfasten the screws using a power drill and take away the bolts with the help of a socket wrench.
  • After all the screws are loosened, tilt back the AC slightly. Take the help of someone to tilt it back towards you for lifting up the first end.
  • Insert one of the vibration pads under the base and place it back down. Tip up the second corner and insert another pad.

Now follow the same procedure for each of the corners; ensure that the pads are centered perfectly and are all even. Finally, fasten all the screws back in place on the concrete pad. Ensure that the AC is stable upon the roof.

Last but not least, make sure that there are no vibrations after switching on the unit.

Dealing With Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners

As the AC units get older, one of the common problems that one needs to deal with is the vibration noise from the air conditioning unit. Let us take a look at some simple troubleshooting steps, especially for wall-mounted (as well as roof-mounted) units.

Troubleshooting Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners

If the wall-mounted air conditioning units get very noisy or vibrate badly, then you can follow these troubleshooting steps to get rid of same -

  • Check Fan Blades: If the fan blades get chipped, bent, or damaged, it may give rise to vibrations because of improper alignment. You can get these blades replaced or properly aligned to overcome the problem.
  • Inspect for Foreign Objects: See if any foreign objects have fallen inside the unit. Switch off the unit, take away the grill, and check if there are any such objects. If anything is found, remove it and this will get rid of the noise.
  • Vibrations Due to Improper Installation: If there’s any problem with installation of AC, there are possibilities of vibrations arising due to the unit having moved on its base. In such a case, you should call the technicians who installed it, and ask them to fix the problem or re-do the installation on your own.
  • Lack of Lubrication: If the fan motor is not lubricated properly, it will cause loud shreiking or groaning noises. Switch off the unit and lubricate the motor.
  • Issues with Front Grille: Vibrations may also be caused if the locking system of front grill is damaged. You may have to replace badly damaged ones, or try to get them repaired, if the extent of damage isn’t too high.

These steps will help you in reducing vibration noise from air conditioning unit in most cases. However, if the noise continues, it is advisable to get the air conditioner inspected by an expert mechanic, as there could be more serious problems related to the motor or other mechanical problems.

For those who have confusion regarding installation of wall mounted AC units, here’s a detailed guide.


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