What is Precast Concrete ?

Background Precast Concrete

Precast concrete is a rapid and modern kind of construction where the concrete is cast in a mold that is reusable. Curing is arranged in an accurately controlled environment, and the panels are subsequently shifted to the site of construction. Thus precast construction includes structural components that are identical and manufactured in plants located away from the building area. These elements are produced by mass production techniques for the economical construction of a large number of buildings in a short duration. Precast systems reduce the construction activities at the building site, thereby ensuring a clean and healthy environment for the community. Delivery of the precast structures is arranged only at the precise time of installation, unlike the conventional methods where the construction activities are implemented for long durations.

Construction Precast Concrete

The tools, machines, and equipment used for the construction of precast concrete are normally automatic and set to produce elements that are interchangeable. The conventional procedures for construction are modified to facilitate interface between the design and planning processes to improve the construction. One of the main objectives for the precast concrete is to construct buildings that have a uniform configuration. Buildings of this kind normally have five to ten stories. Normally the precast buildings are economical compared to the conventional construction. Numerous forming systems are used for the production of precast concrete, including for precast concrete steps and staircases. The applications of precast also include columns, slabs, beams, and numerous other elements.

Dual Wall Precast Concrete

The dual wall consists of two concrete surfaces separated by an empty space that is insulated. The insulation is all through the wall

precast concrete

section, and its height can be varied as desired. Steel trusses are used to hold the concrete layers. Smooth surfaces can be produced on both sides of the walls by using a modern process. The walls are painted on the external surface to obtain the chosen color and texture. The external surface can have multiple forms and patterns of bricks, stones, and wood. The internal surfaces may be painted by using conventional paint procedures. Dual wall precast concrete panels can be used on all types of buildings including townhouses, apartments, and single family houses. These panels can be designed to obtain structural safety and strength, including aesthetic and acoustic qualities.