AutoCAD Tutorial – Important AutoCAD Keyboard Shortcut Commands

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AutoCAD is a user friendly CAD package with self explanatory icons available for every possible command or operation. But since the professional AutoCAD design engineer cannot afford to use the AutoCAD icons most of the time as it drastically reduce the drafting speed, here the AutoCAD keyboard shortcut commands come in handy. Below are the ten most useful AutoCAD keyboard shortcut commands:

  • L for Line: Instead of looking for the Line icon for drawing lines you can simply type L (small or caps doesn’t matter). You can either click or type the points, between which the line to be drawn.
  • C for Circle: Type the letter C in command line to draw circle. You may specify the centre and radius or three points either by keyboard or by mouse click.
  • REC for Rectangle: Type the letters REC in AutoCAD command line to draw rectangle.
  • A for Arc: If you want to create an arc quickly in AutoCAD then just type A and specify the required parameters.
  • BH for Hatching: Type the letters BH for hatching (boundary hatch) a section.
  • X for Explode: Type the command X for performing explode operation. Explode is an operation by which you can convert a polyline to multiple lines. For example, if you explode a rectangle then all the line segments can be deleted separately.
  • CO for Copy: Use the command CO copying the AutoCAD entities in the same drawing.
  • M for Move: Type the command M for performing the move operation in AutoCAD.
  • RO for Rotate: Use the RO command for rotating the AutoCAD entities.
  • RE for Regen: This command is useful for the large drawings. In large drawings sometimes the shape of the geometries for such drawings got distorted, like, the circle looks like kind of rectangle, for such cases the RE command is used for automatic regeneration or redrawing or refreshing the drawing.


This AutoCAD tutorial is for the AutoCAD professionals who cannot afford slow AutoCAD drawing creation. The AutoCAD keyboard shortcut commands are not case sensitive.