AutoCAD 2009 Tutorial: Create Custom AutoCAD Hatch Pattern

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Steps for Creating a Custom AutoCAD 2009 Hatch Pattern File

  • Open a notepad.

  • The syntax of the first line of your hatch pattern file will be *filename, description

  • The syntax of the rest of the lines of the file will be Angle of line, origin-x, origin-y, x-offset, y-offset, [dash pattern….]

The first field of the code is the inclination angle of the hatch line, origin-x and origin-y is the starting point of first hatch line, x-offset and y-offset defines spacing dimensions between the hatch lines. The optional dash pattern is for specifying dashed or dotted line type.

  • Save the file by giving filename as filename.pat and save it to your AutoCAD 2009 support directory ( /program files/AutoCAD2009/Support).

  • Run AutoCAD 2009 and select the just created hatch pattern from the custom tab of the hatch pattern palate.

Example of Creating Custom Hatch Pattern

  • We will create a custom AutoCAD hatch pattern of 45 degree inclined dashed line.

  • Write down the first line as *dashedangle, dashed angular hatch

  • Write second line as 45.000, 0,0, 0.5,0.5, 0.5,-2,1

  • 45 degree is inclination of hatch lines.

  • 0,0 is origin of first line.

  • 0.5,0.5 is offset distances between two lines, this will define how dense hatch pattern you will get.

  • 0.5,-2,1 can be read as draw a line of 0.5 length then lift the pen for 2 length again draw a line of 1 length and repeat the same. You will define your dash pattern here.

  • Save the notepad file to AutoCAD 2009 support directory as dashedangle.pat

  • If your hatch pattern has two types of lines then you need to add two lines of codes after first line in the .pat file.

  • For example if you want to create a hatch pattern of crossed lines then you may need to add third line in the above file as 90.000, 0,0, 0.5,0.5, 0.5,-2,1

  • For creating AutoCAD hatch pattern of circle you need to create pattern of dashed line inclined in proper angle.


Apart from regular built-in AutoCAD hatch pattern you can create your customized hatch pattern. The example discussed in the tutorial above does not cover all types of hatch patterns, but if you understand the logic you can develop your custom hatch pattern easily.

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