What is Solid Modeling? 3D CAD Software. Applications of Solid Modeling.

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What is Solid Modeling?

Solid modeling is the most advanced method of geometric modeling in three dimensions. Solid modeling is the representation of the solid parts of the object on your computer. The typical geometric model is made up of wire frames that show the object in the form of wires. This wire frame structure can be two dimensional, two and half dimensional or three dimensional. Providing surface representation to the wire three dimensional views of geometric models makes the object appear solid on the computer screen and this is what is called as solid modeling.

Advantages of Solid Modeling

Solid modeling is one of the most important applications of the CAD software and it has been becoming increasingly popular of late. The solid modeling CAD software helps the designer to see the designed object as if it were the real manufactured product. It can be seen from various directions and in various views. This helps the designer to be sure that the object looks exactly as they wanted it to be. It also gives additional vision to the designer as to what more changes can be done in the object.

Process of Making the Solid Models

To make the solid models you have to first make the wire frame model of the object and convert it into 3D view. Thereafter the surfaces are added to the 3D wire model to convert it into 3D solid model. For creating the solid models you need to have special CAD software that can create solid models. One of the most popular CAD software for solid modeling is SolidWorks. Its latest version is SolidWorks 2009. A number of other CAD software like AutoCAD and others also have features of creating the solid models.

Applications of Solid Modeling

Solid modeling is used not only for creating solid models of machine parts, but also the buildings, electric circuits and even of the human beings. The solid modeling software are being used for a large variety of applications, here are some of them:

1) Engineering: The engineering design professionals use solid modeling to see how the designed product will actually look like. The architects and civil engineers use it to use the layout of the designed building.

2) Entertainment industry: The animation industry has been using solid modeling to create various characters and the movies out of them.

3) Medical industry: Modern imaging scanners are being used to create the solid models of the internal parts of the body. This helps the doctors to visualize specific tissues of the body, designing various medical devices etc.

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