Heat Resistant Materials for Home and Industrial Applications

Heat Resistant Materials for Home and Industrial Applications
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Heat resistant materials are materials that can protect various elements from heat generated due to high temperature operations. They can reduce the chances of dangerous off-gassing hazards because of heating of sensitive parts like wires, cables, and refrigeration lines. Here we take a look at some important types of heat resistant materials used in homes and industries. At the end we will take a look at two companies that specialize in the production and distrubution of these materials.

Heat Resistant Sealants

Sealants are materials that close the gaps between solid sections of a machine so that they better resist high temperature and pressure. They are present in two forms, liquid foam and cement. Liquid foam sealant is used to seal machined connections and threading. Through this material you can achieve close tolerance to sealing. Cement sealants are primarily used to cover rough surfaces.

Sealants can effectively resist temperatures between 315°F and 1500°F (157°C to 816°C). They can also utilize some heat to cure the seal properly within a very short period of time. They are used in precise works due to their low shrinkage and expansion coefficient. Seals made by these materials can also resist unwanted chemicals such as hydrocarbons, ammonia, brine, acids, and mild alkalis. They significantly reduce damage due to vibration and shock as well.

Sealants are used where very precise and strong sealing is required. Due to their tremendous properties, they are used in industries like power generation, heavy equipment, automotive, oil, steel chemical, marine, and more. They are used to repair leaks present in boilers, steam turbines, refrigeration lines, compressors, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, condensers, and other hydraulic and thermodynamic systems.

Heat Resistant Tapes

We can use heat resistant tapes where normal tapes will not work properly due high pressure and temperature. They also have low

Pyrosil Heat Resistant Tape

shrinking characteristic due to low coefficient of expansion. You don’t need to worry about the size and tension of the tape even if they are working under several wash and dry cycles. They offer resistance to salt water, chlorine, and perspiration. They are used in high temperature sublimation and heat press processes including plate and mug printing. Various heat resistant tapes are available for specialty projects like high bulk glass fiber tapes that have a heavy coating of iron oxide and red silicon rubber.

Heat resistant tapes are manufactured with varying width, length, thickness, and color; therefore you get high flexibility for purchasing the tape according to your requirement. They can tolerate temperatures up to 1650° C.

Fire Blanket

Pyreflect Fire Blanket

Fire blankets are well known heat resistant product. You might have seen them in movies and television or even have one in your closet. They can easily extinguish fledgling fires and can reduce the chances of accidents. They are made up of fire resistant material sheets that are designed to be draped over the fire to smother it by eliminating access to oxygen.

You can purchase these blankets in a number of sizes. Small size blankets are used in kitchen or home applications and are made using fiberglass and/or Kevlar; they are then folded into cylindrical boxes for easy access.

Fire Blankets are also available for laboratory and industrial usage; however, the size of these blankets is much larger. Wool with flame retardant fluid is used as a base material for this type of blanket. These are stored in vertical, quick release, holders so that they can be easily pulled out when needed.


Firesleeves are used mainly in industrial and aerospace applications. They have silicon coated fiberglass sleeves that work as an insulated sheet, resisting temperature up to 540°C. They also offer resistance to water, oil, flame, and adhesives. Various products are


available in the market in terms of size and type of coating inside the sleeve.

In several major industries, firesleeves are used to protect cables, wires, hydraulic and industrial hoses. The industrial version has knitted fiberglass which is very cost effective and thus, is commonly used. The firesleeves used in aerospace industries are made up of braided fiberglass to meet SAE standards.

Heat Resistant Product Providers

The best heat resistant material provider I found is Insulflex. This company has variety of products that can be used for various requirements. You can purchase firesleeves, fire blankets, heat resistant tapes, heat resistant sealants, and more for reasonable prices. Five to ten varieties of each product are offered by this company.

The second one is Warbo. They also offer high quality heat resistant products. The products are categorized by their usage such as heat resistant products for room, steel mills, radiant heat protection, and high temperature insulation. The website addresses of both companies are provided in the reference section.