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  • 1958 Jersey Train Crash on a Drawbridge
    On 15th September 1958, the commuter train carrying passengers from Bay Head to Jersey Central met with a fatal accident. The engineer ignored three warning lights and both train locomotives tumbled off the end of an open drawbridge, dragging two of their five cars into the waters of Newark Bay.
  • Road Construction: History and Procedure
    Road Construction Methods have changed a lot since the first roads were built in about 4000 BC. Read on to learn more about road construction methods and procedures.
  • Crumbling Infrastructure
    When it comes to the precipitous decline in the reliability and efficiency of America's infrastructure, its not just bridges we should be thinking about. The nation's water infrastructure is falling apart, much of it tainted with heavy metals and leaking like a sieve simply due to its age.
  • When Stress Is Bad: Forensic Structural Engineering
    Determining the cause of structural failures is the challenging discipline of forensic structural engineering. Determination of civil and criminal liabilities drive many such investigations, but there are also valuable lessons to be learned from these failures.
  • A Guide to Building Construction
    Looking to do some building? If so, you've come to the right place. Referenced right here is a treasure trove of information that will help guide you through the building process, from deciding what materials to use to picking the people doing the work.You'll also find special seismic information.
  • Bridge Design and Construction Guide
    Bridges are structures that connect two land masses separated by valleys or rivers, but they serve a greater purpose as they bridge the gap between different places, cultures, and societies. Discover how civil engineers construct bridges that win out over the deepest valleys and turbulent waters.
  • A New Works Progress Administration for Renewing American Infrastructure
    American infrastructure is rapidly degrading. Already old and decrepit relative to other nations with developed economic systems, a looming era of budget cuts and limited investment across the board threatens to further undermine the United States' economic competitiveness as key systems fail.
  • Responding to Rock Fall Risk on Public Roadways
    Construction of highways and railways is challenging around mountains and steep slopes. Each require special study by geologists and geotechnical engineers. Through geotechnical analysis, slopes are identified that are critical and require special protection.
  • After the Flood - Restoring Municipal Services
    Floods, rains, and other natural calamities are beyond human control. Despite advancements in technology, excessive water, and the complications it brings, always hurts social life in flood hit areas.
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