Structural Engineering

Since the time of the pyramids, structural engineering has been an important part of our life. This speciality within Civil Engineering has to do with the building of any sort of structure: skyscrapers, office buildings or any other type of structure that depends on correct form for strength, function and safety. Structural Engineers can also be involved in designing machinery and vehicles.
Transportation Engineering as well, is a significant component of structural engineering. Many building projects involve the construction of roads and highways, railroads, docks and harbors, bridges and airports. Transportation Engineers must work with Urban Planners to see how the effect of roads and mass transit systems will effect the landscape and community. There are a number of interesting elements to the planning and designing of these projects. Learn more about the process here.

A Guide to Bridge Design and Construction

Bridges are structures that connect two land masses separated by valleys or rivers, but they serve a greater purpose as they bridge the gap between different places, cultures, and societies. Discover how civil engineers construct bridges that win out over the deepest valleys and turbulent waters.

A New WPA For American Infrastructure

American infrastructure is rapidly degrading. Already old and decrepit relative to other nations with developed economic systems, a looming era of budget cuts and limited investment across the board threatens to further undermine the United States’ economic competitiveness as key systems fail.

Science and Technology in Tibet

A government in exile, a parallel government running in the mainland country, natives protesting across the globe against dictating forces, and yet Tibet manages to match its pace with the advancing technology. Science and technology in Tibet is scaling new heights.

S-N Fatigue Curves for Shear Stress

August Wöhler, a German engineer, studied the fatigue characteristics of materials under cyclic loading. His studies resulted in development of S-N fatigue curves for shear stress. The applications of S-N curves, how to use them, and other major aspects related to Wöhler curves are focused on below.

The Jersey Central Drawbridge Disaster

On 15th September 1958, the commuter train carrying passengers from Bay Head to Jersey Central met with a fatal accident. The engineer ignored three warning lights and both train locomotives tumbled off the end of an open drawbridge, dragging two of their five cars into the waters of Newark Bay.

The Case Against Roundabouts

Roundabouts in America have come a long way since they were first introduced. Today, traffic conditions have changed, traffic density has increased manifold, and these factors have raised questions about the effectiveness of roundabouts.