Types of Robotic Systems and System Classifications

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Robotic systems, a way of automating manufacturing process and also reducing manual labor attached with it, are used extensively in almost all fields these days. However, there are still many auxiliary processes that require manual labor.

The manual labor is now getting reduced because of the introduction of industrial robots equipped with manipulators with several degrees of freedom and a dedicated controlled actuator for each of them. A manipulator with high degree of freedom is similar to a human hand in movement and functionality.

The control system of a manipulator can be adjusted according to the application. The manipulators are generally used in industrial robots that cater to various needs of the application at the same time.

Classification of Robotic Systems

The robotic systems are classified mainly into three main types on the basis of application. They are:

  • Manipulation Robotic system
  • Mobile robotic system
  • Data acquisition and control robotic system

Manipulation Robotic system

The Manipulation Robotic system is the most extensively used robotic system that is found mainly in manufacturing industries. Manipulation robotic system comes in several forms, depending mainly on its application.

Mobile robotic system

A Mobile robotic system is usually an automated platform that carries goods from one place to another. The motion of the system can also be controlled autonomously and might have a pre-programmed destination from where the system might load or unload automatically.

Mobile robotic systems are also used mainly in industrial purposes for carrying tools and spare parts to the storage. One more application where mobile robotic systems are used is in farms, wherein they can be used for pulling equipments to plough the fields or for transporting agricultural products. Mobile robots are also used by petroleum and gas production companies for offshore oil and gas exploration and by salvage companies for searching for sunken ships. Mobility of these robots can be in the form of flying, swimming, or running on land.

Data acquisition and Control Robotic System

The Data acquisition and control robotic system is used for acquiring, processing, and transmitting important data used for generating various signals. Generally meant for activities that require less human participation, a control robotic system generates signals that can be used for controlling other robots. Data acquisition and control robotic system are also used for CAD systems used in engineering and business processes. Many mobile robotic systems, especially the unmanned craft used for the exploration of the sea bed are equipped with Data acquisition and control robotic system for procuring important information and sending it back to the shore in the form of signals.