How a Robot’s Voice Recognition System Works


Voice recognition is the process by which a robot identifies what is ordered to it and performs an action based on the information received. It is to note that not all robots have this functionality; however the system can also be integrated at a later stage.

The voice recognition system works on the basis of the frequency and amplitudes of the spoken words. A signal is generated and sent to the main operating unit of the robot, after dissecting the received words into various frequencies and amplitudes.

How Does the System Works?

When an order is given to a robot in the form of words the voice recognition system breaks down each and every word into constituent frequencies of each alphabet. The voice recognition system has a pre-programmed database, which has a unique frequency for each and every letter. This database helps the robot to identify the word and perform the right action. However, a good amount of training needs to be given by the user for facilitating the robot to initially form a table comprising of major frequencies of words and alphabets.

The table once formed, acts as a quick reference for the robot to identify the frequently used words. When a word is spoken, the robot identifies the sound, determines the exact frequency and looks up in the table to perceive the right word. If the robot is not able to find the right frequency, it finds the frequency of the alphabet closest to the one needed and thus recognizes the whole word.

Frequent Training Required

In order to increase the accuracy, the robot should be trained repetitively to identify the right frequency. Moreover, more the training provided, less is the variation. This means that in case of any type of voice modulation or variation, the system will not try to match the perceived signal to many frequencies but will neglect the frequency and won’t perform any action. However, if very few frequencies are matched for a particular variation, it may misinterpret a word or choose a word similar in sound.

It is for this reason that most of the robots with voice recognition system are highly trained by the users. More the robot is trained, quicker is the process of the voice recognition system to identify the word and send a signal to the controlling unit, performing the desired action.