What is the Future of Robotics?

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It is anticipated by engineers and scientists that in the near future robots will be seen generally at numerous establishments, including production units, farming, hospitals, maintenance, construction, and in homes. Robots will be able to substitute for individuals in most factories where tasks of extra precision are necessary and production rate is important, which is difficult to be performed correctly by human labor.

General Usage Of Robots In the Future

International experts on robotics are of the view that by year 2020, robots will be capable of observing and performing tasks, talking, and will possess aptitude and intellect. The association of human beings with robots will be ordinary and usual. In the near future, robots will not be a complex machine, but equipment or machinery to be utilized in every day life, including washing, assisting in moving of disabled or injured people, working in factories, etc.

Robotic Surgery

Doctors visualize that in the near future advanced robots will be utilized to assist in carrying out long distance medical treatment including surgery, diagnosis, and other medical treatment. This will enable the treatment to be carried out in a shorter time, and it may not be necessary for the patients to travel long distances, which presently may even involve travel from one continent to another. Robots may also assist in carrying out minor medical treatment, instead of advising a pill for certain ailment, a small robot may be introduced in the blood, which will sense the reason of ailment, and subsequently arrange appropriate medicines in the affected part of the body.

Improvement In Human Brain

Robots will be introduced into parts of human beings, such as intellectual insertion in the brain, which will enhance memory and improve ideas in the mind. Nano robots will even be injected into the blood to wash and scrub blood vessels. The human mind with the assistance of robotic brains will be able to perform 100 trillion commands per second.

Robots In Biomimetics

The next concentration for modern robots will be biomimetics, an area which will concentrate on the manufacture of equipment that obtain guidance from the environment as motivation for their looks and attitude. Presently, broad research is being carried out in this field.