Some Current Uses of Robots Find Them Playing Musical Instruments, Building Things, Even Performing Surger! Learn More About Robots in This Article.

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What robots can do?

Robotics is highly advanced technology that strives to develop robots for various applications.  Let us have a look at robots already invented and being used in the industry.

  1. Industrial robots: Industrial robots are electronically controlled, both programmable and reprogrammable to carry out certain tasks with high precision and accuracy. Robots have been extensively used in highly advanced manufacturing facilities or high volume assembly lines for a long time. They are efficient and produce high yields or output. The most common use of robots is in the automobile industry where they are used for various applications like welding, painting, etc. The robots can carry out tasks which are very difficult or hazardous for human beings.

Because robots use a perfect copy of exact strategy for troubleshooting purposes, issues and solutions can easily be resolved and implemented. With proper maintenance procedures and schedules, machine wear-out or breakdowns can easily be predicted, resolved and controlled. Over-all, manufacturing plants run by industrial robots can run smoothly without much trouble and with less interactions of humans.    

  1. Aerospace robots: Another application of robots is in aerospace for outer space exploration. Aerospace robots or unmanned robotic spacecraft play a key role in outer space probe. Scientists can explore in outer space without putting themselves in great danger considering the risks involved if they go to outer space themselves. With controlled robots, the same results can be achieved safely. The risk to  lose a human life in outer space has been greatly avoided.

  2. Healtcare delivery: A highly possible advancement in healthcare is using robots in robotic surgery. Due to technological advancement, this is possible even if the patient is located in remote areas. This possibility defies distance. With the proper tools and set-up in place, proper healthcare could be delivered to the patient even in remote areas without the corresponding risks involved.    

  3. Robots resembling human beings and robotic pets: At home, human-like robots and robotic pets have always been considered friends and companions. They can play a musical instrument, sing, dance, etc. only to please us humans for our own comfort.

  4. Military robots: Possibly the worst part of robotic application is in military use, as it may curtail human life instead of upholding it. You can conquer or be conquered with a robot.

With man always in conquest of power, we hope that robots will not be used justify an end result for their own favor. Our only hope is that man, along with the advancement in technology, always promotes for the well being of mankind.