Hyper Cars: What on earth are they?

After living like a bum on the world streets, penniless and always paranoid about everything happening around him, has Mr. Auto Industry suddenly woken up to find a revolution waiting to happen to him? Over 50- years and counting, the old man sure needs a change of clothing. At least, that is what would look great on him.


With some futuristic visionaries like Amory Lovins; companies like Volkswagen and other companies like fiberforge working away furiously on possible changes to the industry’s state of affairs, we might be blessed with a concept turning into reality: the concept of Hyper Cars.


Although, there isn’t any specific definition for what a Hyper Car is really like, we are made to believe that any car which achieves superb efficiency by eradicating a list of annoying elements that cause the energy to be wasted which is made possible by using carbon fiber materials which are lighter and stronger than steel, well-designed aerodynamic bodies and top-notch efficient engines. A top list of such energy wasters has been discussed in a previous article at Cars are outright inefficient: Here’s why.

A few of these concept cars have already been revealed by companies like Lotus, a British Company, with a futuristic looking car called Elise – a 4 cylinder, seek looking, ultra light and super efficient concept car. However, Lotus isn’t the only one doing the show-off: Volkswagen had revealed an offering called as L1 in the year 2002 (as you can guess, they are still dabbling with it!). Shaped like a cockpit of a fighter jet, this radical designed car could drive for over 60 miles with just a liter of gasoline seating just two people in it.


Outside of the Industry, Rocky Mountain Institute had produced a car called “Hyper Car Revolution” – a minimalist SUV which can seat 5 adults and haul luggage too. For a weight like that of this car, the hauling capacity is a miracle.

Whether or not the Hyper Car Concept becomes a reality, no one can say although it looks possible. With the energy costs soaring and each economy in the world facing the brunt, the pain of the bum called Automotive Industry is now everyone’s pain. He sure needs a change of clothing and good Hyper wash.



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