Advantages of Solar Energy as Power Source in Space Exploration

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What are the advantages of solar energy as power source in space exploration?

Solar energy is being used for a number of applications like heating water water, cooking food, generating electricity and number of other applications. In present times solar energy is also being used for space exploration. Here are the advantages of solar energy as power source in space exploration.

  1. First, it’s a good renewable energy source and always available. The sun’s energy could be available all day and all night long as it may not be affected by earth’s or moon’s shadow when using a good strategic location and mobility timing of the solar power system facility in outer space.

  2. Second, solar energy is clean as it there is zero carbon emissions. There is no need to perform a rigorous cabon emission testing. Also, it has no contribution to global warming.

  3. Third, it has low maintenance and operating costs. The sun’s power is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and all year long. Also, solar panels are easy to maintain. The only major challenge is to achieve a higher power conversion efficiency. Nevertheless, this setback could eventually be negligible using highly efficient silicon photovoltaics.

  4. Fourth, it has minimal hazards as no liquid and gas facilitations are required as a major component of the solar power system. There is no need to monitor liquid or gas pressure for possible leakage problems. Also, there is no issue on flammability as caused by flammable or harmful fluids or gases.

  5. Fifth, the installed facility requires a smaller area or volume. There are many ways to install the solar panels. You just have to pick the best ones. The key is, there should be no problem with solar panels' access to sun’s light.

With the ingenuity of man, what was impossible before, now becomes possible. Space exploration before was a dream, now a reality. Our lives have been touched by it in so many ways and we can only expect for more to come in the near future.