Reducing Reliance on Fossil Fuels. Using the Alternate Fuels

The search for alternate fuels has never been as
desperate as it is today. With fuel prices skyrocketing the importance of this research is becoming more obvious every day. For decades we have been using petroleum and fossil fuels, mainly
gasoline and diesel, thinking rivers of the fuel are flowing in our
backyards and they would never ever dry up. One of the main reasons for such
thinking was extremely low prices of these fuels.

In fact, even today in some countries where fuel is abundantly available, fuel is cheaper than water and people use it
extravagantly without any bother. People here consider it their birthright
to use fuel in a manner they want, considering fuel as property inherited from their forefathers using it mindlessly. However, there
is no meaning in criticizing or being jealous of the people enjoying the privileges
of extremely cheap fuel. We too have enjoyed these privileges for decades and
our attitude towards gasoline and diesel were exactly the same as the residents
of countries where the fuel is still very cheap.

When fuel was cheap, everybody
kept on using it without giving any thought to air-pollution. Nobody was ready to accept the fact that fuel or oil is the property of nature and
that we should use it sparingly. Nobody really appreciated the highly
invaluable gift that Mother Nature has given to us in the form of oil.


It is just like the small child who sucks
the milk from mother, but never really appreciates what she has given him and
when he feels hungry he keeps on crying to get more. The merciful mother keeps
on giving selflessly, but she has her own limits. Ultimately, after a period of
time the child has to be self-dependent and in due course of time realize how
difficult it is to accumulate resources and survive. Then probably the child
realizes and appreciates what his or her mother has given to them.


We are at the same stage now: people who
are still getting fuel at low prices have yet to grow up and realize the
importance of the fruits offered by Mother Nature. The time has come for us
to grow up and appreciate and be grateful to what nature has provided till
now and is still providing. And this not only for the gift of fuel offered by nature, but innumerable number of many other gifts offered by it.


We treasure the gifts offered by our
friends and relatives, is it not our duty to at least understand the importance
of the gifts offered by the nature. Won’t we thank the person who gives us even
a small gift or does a small favor for us? But what about the gifts offered by
Mother Nature? Are we even aware of what the Mother Nature is giving us? Don’t
be like the selfish child who wants to depend on his or her mother far beyond
their eligible age.


The best way to come out of fuel crisis is
by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. Its time we control our dependency on Mother Nature
and other countries. The resources of the nature will last only when they are used
within certain limits. Finding an alternate fuel source may help, but the best answer is to reduce the consumption of fuel. This is possible by
using your vehicle only when required; wherever possible use public transport.
If you are going someplace nearby, walk! This has the added benefit of improving your health.


Its time to grow up and see what things
needs to be changed. A controlled life, appreciating the gifts offered by the
nature will be helpful for us as well as others. Our life should be an ideal
path for the future generations to follow.