Low Energy Nuclear Reaction or Cold Fusion at Room Temperature may Revolutionize the World


Urgent need of alternative sources of energy is being greatly felt in every part of the globe. Due to dependence on coal based thermal power plants and fission type nuclear power plants, which uses uranium and plutonium, our environment is being badly affected by emissions of carbon and the problems of radioactivity and radioactive waste.

Hydro power plants also have some limitations. Research and development in the field of solar, wind and biogas, and electricity storage devices, is also pursued vigorously in every part of the world. Every scientist and engineer engaged in this field wants some lead on which they may start research so that our requirement of energy may be fulfilled. The emphasis is on clean, green energy and cheap sources. There is talk about carbon emission, global warming, and environment protection, etc.

Some scientists, without any support from governments and big institutions, have presented the idea of cold fusion- LENR (low energy nuclear reaction) or CANR (chemically assisted nuclear reaction). If their claims are verified, then it may be answer to every problem addressed above.

Nuclear fusion is an answer with which we may find limitless energy, but its practical use seems a distant possibility. In nuclear fusion hydrogen nuclei are fused into helium to get huge amounts of energy. Hydrogen nuclei are positively charged so repel each other as per Coulomb’s law. For a nuclear fusion process to take place, temperature and pressures like the Sun are needed.

Experiments in using nuclear fusion for the generation of power have failed due to the requirement of recreating sun-like high temperatures and pressures in lab conditions. Production of radioactivity and the need to deal with radioactive waste makes this process unsuitable for the production of cheap, green, and clean energy.

Cold Fusion or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions

Cold Nuclear Fusion

There is news about cold fusion, which is also termed as low energy nuclear reactions or chemically-assisted nuclear reactions. It is claimed that cold fusion may produce 27 times more energy than gasoline and that this process produces no radioactivity and radioactive waste. The cost of energy produced is also claimed to be extremely low compared with fossil fuel, i.e. 1 cent/kwh.

The cold fusion reactors seem to be like electrolysis cells. Every home may be equipped with small cold fusion generator, i.e. up to 12KW, making our conventional energy sources and transmission infrastructure obsolete. It is claimed that hydrogen is fused into helium at room temperature in an electrolysis chemical process. Palladium electrodes or nickel electrodes are being used for excitation in this process. Production of tritium, neutron, helium, copper and huge amounts of energy is being claimed, but such claims still need to be verified by the mainstream scientific community.

Cold Fusion is Difficult to Replicate or Trigger

Cold Nuclear Fusion

Scientists who claimed that they have seen the cold fusion process in operation have always failed to replicate this process again, causing the research to be discredited. The big question is how cold fusion is triggered. No scientific explanation of room temperature fusion is to be found in our nuclear physics textbooks, so we fail to understand its theory, whether it is nuclear physics or chemistry. Some say it is a nuclear reactor and others term it merely a chemical electrolysis cell.

Recent News from Italy May Be Rejected by Mainstream Scientists

Cold Fusion Nuclear Reactor

Recent news about the production of a cold fusion generator by Italian scientists is also being rejected by the scientific community. Their claim of making cheap electricity and commercial production within three month is also not being taken very seriously by mainstream scientists due to the absence of any scientific explanation.


However we must look at such experiments with an open mind. Any promising experiment must be examined with great care because such research may lead to us clean and green energy alternative sources. We need miracles in the field of alternative energy for our bright future so scientists and engineers must examine every lead, including cold fusion, low energy nuclear reactions, chemically assisted nuclear reactions, condensed matter nuclear science, plasma electrolysis and nuclear transmutations, with extreme care and an open mind prepared to revolutionize the world.

There is currently no alternative to known alternative energy sources to secure our future. We must develop the tradition of listening and welcoming every lead in order to create our miracle. The efforts of cold fusion scientists must be appreciated because they are trying to change our future positively. Such efforts will lead to us some viable alternative solution, we must hope.

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