Best Websites and Forums for Mechanical Engineers

Best  Websites and Forums for Mechanical Engineers
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Best Mechanical Engineering Websites

Mechanical engineering is all about the world of mechanics and its applications. If you are in the mechanical engineering field are looking for best websites and forums for mechanical engineers where you can find everything from basics of mechanical engineering to advanced terminologies, processes, methods, formulas, etc., then check out the websites below.

1. This is a huge portal of mechanical engineering design resources. There are three main functions of this portal. The first of these is a collection of applications that achieve particular tasks, like ‘Design a spring’, or ‘Check wrench clearances’. The second feature is a long list of links to other resources where users can check out material data, find suppliers, gain experience in technical know-how, find seminars/conferences, etcetera. The third feature of this portal is the blog section where one can comment about the iCrank web portal, ask questions and do so much more. 2. ASME.ORG


ASME, the acronym for American Society of Mechanical Engineers is a non-profit organization that provides a platform for mechanical engineers and students to acquire and disseminate knowledge. It promotes skill development among engineers and also provides research opportunities via conferences, seminars, and journal publications. You can gain a whole lot of technical knowledge and/or attend professional development programs. To nobody’s surprise, the membership base of this organization is around 127,000 professionals/engineers. 3. MatWeb


This is a database that can be searched and has more than 78,000 data sheets for any material that’s on the planet, really. The searchable items range from polymers such as nylon, polycarbonate, to metals like cobalt, lead, etc. Other services of MatWeb include an advertisement for your companies, creation, and maintenance of company data sheets, web hosting and web design, as well as licensing the searchable database and using it on your own website. 4. MechaniCalc This site provides calculators and reference material for mechanical engineers. The calculators are focused on machine design and structural analysis and include calculators such as beam analysis, 2D FEA analysis, bolted joint analysis, bolt pattern force distribution, lug analysis, column buckling, and many others. The reference material is also very clear and comprehensive and would be useful to any practicing mechanical engineer.


5. eFunda: The Ultimate Online Reference for Engineers eFunda, or engineering Fundamentals is a website that offers a plethora of resources for young engineers. From mathematical formulas, data sheets, to constant values and conditions, students can make a lot of use of eFunda to solve their assignments and figure out solutions to engineering problems. One of the good things about eFunda is that it offers very precise and accurate explanations to technical topics/problems so that the problem at hand is meant to be solved as quickly as possible. eFunda also has a forum where many volunteer engineers are sitting to answer your questions. 6.Engineers Handbook


This website is a great resource for mechanical engineering students and researchers. Also, anyone looking for an explanation on mechanical terminologies with a diagram will find this website very helpful. The website also has information on mechanical processes, materials used in mechanical manufacturing. You will also find on the site reference tables, equations, unit conversion formulas with explanation and an option to search for specific information on the site. 7. Physics Forum


Whether you want to ask someone a question about mechanical engineering, want to learn something about a mechanical process or looking for a description of a mechanical terminology, Physics Forum is the right place. A large number of engineers, students, and other professionals contribute on this forum and their answers are always relevant and detailed. Whether you want to ask a question on the forum or answer someone else’s question, either way, this is a place for great learning. 8. Engineers Edge


This is a huge website for mechanical engineers looking for information on engineering basics, engineering materials, application, and design. The website has many calculators for performing engineering calculations. There is also a section on engineering news, software, engineering links and a CAD forum. If you are looking for engineering videos, this website has those too. There are over 150 videos on the website to watch. Some of the videos I’ve recently watched on this website include “How to build a gear pump,” “Rotary piston pump,” “Gear measuring with CMM,” and “Dynamics of machines.” This was my list of best websites for mechanical engineers. If you know another good website that you frequent and search a lot, please share it with us in the comments box below.