Benefits of CNC Machine Tools. Advantages of CNC Machines

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Benefits or Advantages of the CNC Machine Tools

There are a number of types of the CNC Machines tools, each having specific applications and purposes, but all of them have common benefits. The initial cost of these machines is more than the non CNC machines but all your capital cost is paid back to you in short time due to a number of advantages offered by the CNC machines. Some important benefits of the CNC machines are: superior automation, accuracy and flexibility.

Superior Automation

The process of the CNC machines is fully automated. The need of the operators can be reduced to minimum or it can be totally eliminated. What the CNC machines initially need are the programming instructions for the final dimensions of the product. Of course, the machine must be supplied with the sufficient quantity of the raw materials and is also filled with sufficient quantity of oil.

Having fulfilled the needs of the CNC machine, it can keep on working continuously for hours and days together, freeing the operator for other important tasks. This also saves the operator from fatigue, and there will be fewer human errors. The job is also made continuously, without wasting any time for loading and unloading and changing of the shifts. In fact even the operator need not be an expert in the basic operation of the machine. Merely a good programming and troubleshooting is sufficient for the operator and then he should always be alert.

It is due to this reason that the single operator can handle more than one numbers of CNC machine at a time. In fact in many cases the complete CNC workshop comprising of number of CNC machines is supervised and taken care of by a single person.

High Accuracy and Excellent Surface Finish

The CNC machines offer highly accurate jobs which may be very difficult and time consuming for the humans. This indirectly saves the machining time and thus increases the overall production. In fact there are some precision jobs that can be done only by the CNC machines.

The human beings may be able to produce accurate jobs but with time they tend to get tired and are not able to maintain the consistency throughout the day of the duty. The CNC machines offer the accuracy and production consistently, without any deviations. So whether you manufacture one job or thousands of jobs, you are always assured of the final finish of the job. The CNC machines by their inherent nature produce highly accurate jobs; the only condition is that the machine should be high quality.

Another advantage of CNC machine is excellent surface finish offered by them. Like accuracy of the product, its surface finish also depends greatly on the skills of the operator. The operator has its own limitations like fatigue and other human errors. The CNC machines are not dependent on the skills of the operator. The CNC machines have the capability to produce high accuracy and fine surface finish jobs, the operator has to just utilize these features of the CNC machines.

Flexibility of Operation

If you want to manufacture a different type of product, all you have to do is change the program. This is implemented immediately and you get the new finished job within the shortest possible time with the same accuracy and speed. Once you have verified the program for a single production run, it can be used again and again whenever required.

The other benefit of this is that there is faster change-over. The CNC machines can be setup very easily and they are very easy to operate. Even the programs can fed in the machine very easily. All these factors lead to very short setup time for the CNC machines and can be setup instantly whenever required. These features of the CNC machines are in line with the today’s Just-In-Time requirements for the manufacture of the product. The products can be manufactured in short time without having to maintain their large inventory.

There are some CNC machines that don’t need operator at all. These present day machines are also equipped with the tools that enable it to call the mobile of their operator in case of the emergencies such as breakage of the tool, low level of oil, ending of the raw material etc.

Apart from these benefits there are many more offered by the CNC machines. To get these benefits you must keep the machine properly maintained and oiled regularly. If the machine develops any fault it should be rectified immediately to prevent heavy losses.