Nanotechnology in Mechanical Field. Research in Nanotechnology for Mechanical Engineers

Nanotechnology in Mechanical Field. Research in Nanotechnology for Mechanical Engineers
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Dr. Won-Jong Kim, mechanical engineer and assistant professor at Texas A&M University, developed a device that can be used in nanotechnology applications.


Nanotechnology involves the precise manipulation and control of atoms and molecules, the building blocks of all materials. Nanotechnology refers to a new area of science in which systems are designed and manufactured at the scale of the atom, or the nanometer scale. More specifically nanotechnology deals with structures of less than 100 nanometer (nm). One nm is 1 billionth of a meter.

Devices such as the one created by Dr. Won-Jong Kim could have a positive impact in areas such as telesurgery. Think of telesurgery as surgery performed at distance. Distance can mean miles away from the patient. How this could be?

In telesurgery a medical surgeon could be miles away from the patient and by using nanotechnological devises he could precisely position the nanorobot in the position needed to perform the surgery. According to the source (see bellow) the new nanotech devise has many advantages over traditional technology. For example, the principal advantage of this technology is that it eliminates mechanical contact and friction and also improves accuracy, resolution, decreases manufacturing costs and increases reliability.

The components of the new device don’t touch and are held in place by magnetic force, eliminating the friction that makes nanoscale positioning so difficult. Dr. Won-Jong Kim new device has another key advantage over conventional non-nanotechnological applications.

Conventional positioning devices move in a straight line or in a circle on only one axis. But the new nanotechnology device is able to move in 3 axes (forward and backward, left and right, up and down) plus the surgeon is able to move it in a circle around each of those axes. This makes a total of sic possible movements types making the new mechanical nano engineered device a very useful nanorobot for task were exact positions are needed.

A new bright new future is on the horizon. One of harnessing the good aspects of nanotechnology for applications in many areas including mechanical engineering


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