How to Make a Home Made Incinerator

How to Make a Home Made Incinerator
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A homemade incinerator can be used as a best way to remove waste at your home and office. They are also known as a “modified burn barrel.” It was in fashion to construct an incinerator in homes for heat a hundred years ago. These days there are more advanced techniques for heating. However, incinerators can still be used to remove waste.

Of course, all fires need good planning and careful attention. Otherwise, they may cause wildfires and personal safety exposure. You will need to keep in mind some points before going to construct it, and these points are given below.

Considerations before the start of construction

  • Firstly go to the local fire district before starting to construct a homemade incinerator.

  • You will need certain guidelines to modify a burn barrel. You may be able to get these guidelines from government offices.

  • You should discuss rules and policies of backyard burning. This is because some cities do not allow burn barrels or professional incinerators inside the city limits.

After this, you are ready to construct your homemade incinerator.

How to choose a barrel

The first process involves choosing of appropriate barrel. A 55-gallon metal drum should be used for a burn barrel. Assure that the barrel is completely clean, from both the sides, before making any modifications for a homemade incinerator. An unclean barrel may increase the risk and will create more smoke.

How to modify the barrel

The next step is to modify the barrel.

  • You will need to cut three evenly spaced 3-inch-square ventilation holes in the lower section of the barrel.
  • These holes are required to pass the air inside the drum.
  • You can also add more vents in the middle section of the barrel for more air.
  • If you are adding vents in the middle section, you have to cover up these vents so that to restrict waste to escape outside to prevent any accident. You can use 5/8-inch woven metal mesh screen for this job.
  • After this, cut a hole of diameter in between 6 to 8 inches on the upper section of the drum. It is required to flow the smoke outside. You can use this hole to put the waste inside the drum too.

How to make a door for fueling

Now, make a door in the middle part of the drum. This door will be used for putting fuel (wood) and waste inside the drum.

  • Make a rectangular mark in the lower middle section. The size may vary according to your requirement. You can mark it of an average size, that is, 1.0 * 0.5 square feet.
  • Cut the marked rectangular shape.
  • Attach one side of the rectangular part to the drum by a hinge.

How to cover the barrel with a chimney

You can use a metal cylindrical pipe to cover the hole created on the upper section of the drum. This will work like a chimney to pass the smoke outside. The length of the pipe should be at least 1 foot.

How to manage the surrounding of the barrel

The management of the surrounding should be done very carefully.

  • The incinerator should be located a t least 30 feet from any structure.
  • You should clean dry grasses and weeds away so as to reduce the risk of wildfire.
  • Remove any flammable material around the incinerator.
  • You should try to avoid burning wastes during a windy or a dry day.

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