Three way Tipper Mechanism for Construction Dump Trucks - Learn How a Three-Way Tipper Works

Three way Tipper Mechanism for Construction Dump Trucks - Learn How a Three-Way Tipper Works
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How a typical tipper trucks works

The tipping mechanism is the heart of a three way tipper construction truck. Tipping mechanisms work basically on the following:

Hydraulic cylinder : A hydraulic cylinder is placed below the body of truck longitudinally at one end of the truck, and the piston end of the hydraulic cylinder is connected by the means of a pivot joint to the chassis of truck.


In the forward stroke of the cylinder, it pushes the truck body upward thus gives neccessory lift for tipping dumping. So, in the forward stroke of the cylinder, the truck is unloaded. In the return stroke of the cylinder the body of the truck comes to its original position.

**Hinge Joint:**The other bottom end of the body of the truck is connected by a hinged joint with the chassis.So, when the hydraulic cylinder pushes the body in it’s forward stroke the entire body gets tilted about the axis of the hinged joint and the material gets unloaded and by the return stroke of the hydraulic cylinder body comes and seat to its original position with respect to the hinged axis.

But in this types of tipper can unload materials only at the backside of the tipper.


3-way tipper can overcome this problem, as it can unload material on three sides.

Three way tipper mechanism

As already mentioned, a three-way tipper can unload materials in all three sides. To control the sides of tipping there needs to be required one more pneumatic cylinder apart from the main hydraulic cylinder. Also we require special types of hinge joints in this case.

3-way tipper arr

Please refer to the attached picture of a 3-way tipper arrangement. The main hydraulic cylinder is placed at four corners of the chassis (structure).Each of the four corners of the body is connected by a cross joint with the hydraulic cylinders.The cross joint allows the joining memebers to tilt with respect to two perpendicular axis.

Now, if you consider the side of cylinder 3 & 4 is rear of the vehicle, then by operating cylinder no.1 & 2 will cause rear tipping, operating cylinder 2 & 4 will cause left side tipping, and operating cylinder 1 & 3 will cause right side tipping.

Automation of tipping will be possible by using a powerpack with plc control or some similar kind of automation devices.


The construction truck with the three way tipper mechanism helps make unloading easier. The benefits of 3D CAD and FEA packages can be taken advantage of for the designing of three-way tipper construction trucks.