Lubrication systems for Rolling Element Bearings

Lubrication systems for Rolling Element Bearings
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Lubrication plays a major role in the proper working of the bearings. Hence the system that provides the lubrication should also be given equal importance. The various types of lubrication system available for lubrication of rolling element bearings are

  1. Bath Lubrication System: The bath system of lubrication is the mostly commonly applied system for the lubrication of bearings. Here the bearing is dipped in the oil to a certain level. The level of the oil is maintained constant thus providing copious supply of oil to the bearing.

  2. Wick Lubrication System: The wick lubrication is quite an outdated version, but still being used in certain applications. Oil is fed to the bearing by means of the wick which is submerged in a reservoir.

  3. Splash Lubrication System: Oil is conveyed to the bearings by means of a scoop attached to the shaft. The scoop lifts the oil upward and splashes it into the bearing lubricating it.

  4. Air Oil Mist Lubrication System: In this type of system, oil mixed with air in a certain proportion is sprayed into the bearing at high pressure. This is the excellent system available for bearings operation at high speeds of above 3000 rpm and operating under very light loads. This system provides excellent cooling for the bearings.


  1. Jet Lubrication System: Oil is force fed into the bearing at high pressure and quantity by using an external pump. The oil is specifically directed towards the bearing rolling elements by means of a pipe. This lubrication system in used in cases where the bearings is subjected to very heavy loads, high speed and high temperature. This system also provided effective cooling for high temperature applications of bearings.


  1. Pulsed Air Oil Lubrication system: This system is quite similar to the Air Oil Mist Lubrication system. Here the air and oil are supplied to the bearing in pre-defined quantity pulses to the bearing. The ratio of air to oil mixture in this system is quite high.