Reduce Unwanted Sound & Noise Your Air Conditioning Ducts

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Air condition is one of the major appliances that can create unwanted noise. With many people using air conditioning systems in their homes, it is essential to soundproof them because of the loud noise they generate. The main source of noise from an air conditioner is the air ducts or ducts which are long metal sheets or tubes that carry hot and cool air throughout your room.

Apparently if the air-conditioner at your home is grinding away with sound then you will have no peace either in the day or night. The noise apparently arises from the air conditioning ducts. These ducts are normally made of aluminum foil pipe covered with fiberglass and plastic. But if the external duct is made of coated iron boxes then it becomes soundproof.

Actually to keep away the sound from the air conditioning ducts the seal between the internal and the external duct is crucial. The internal and the external ducts should be joined in such a way that they are not linked mechanically. This will aid in holding back the unwanted noise.

This article tells you how to soundproof your air conditioning ducts.

To soundproof air conditioning ducts, one needs to know their structure inside the air conditioning. They consist of a vibration component which is the source of noise. A duct structure begins at an air handler. An air handler is a device used to condition and circulate air. It’s a small metal box with a blower and various other components. The blowers in the air handler can create a great amount of vibration that is passed as noise throughout the rooms and floors, which can even disturb people living nearby as well. To prevent this, a vibrator isolator is used. It’s a device that is fitted before and after the air handler structure. It is also installed in between the fan components and also other components which are bound to create vibration. It has a rubberized component that prevents the vibrations created by the air handler from passing on to the nearby ducts, thereby preventing noise. The fan is also an important source of noise coming out from the air conditioning. This is prevented by placing the fan on a spring suspension and not allowing its vibration to pass through the floor.

Another method of reducing noise from coming in through the ducts is to use sound absorbent materials. One can go for sound air conditioning absorbent material, which is in the form of a thick paper and can be placed along the ducts to prevent noise from coming through. Sound dampers can also be fit along the ducts to reduce sound. Seeking professional help to clean your ducts regularly is important. Splitting of air ducts resulting in air leaks can also result in noise. Right kind of insulation is needed to prevent this.

Acoustic insulation is also available as a soundproofing material for air conditioning ducts. It’s a complex material made of porous mat and synthetic acoustic membrane. It’s easy to handle and is very effective for soundproofing air conditioning ducts. All these methods can be done on your own or there also experts who can come to your home and soundproof your air conditioning ducts.


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