Benefit of Installing UV Lights in Air Handler - How to Install

Benefit of Installing UV Lights in Air Handler - How to Install
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How to Install UV Lights in Air Handler

According to the EPA, indoor air quality, including surprisingly in large, well-enclosed commercial buildings and offices, is among the top environmental risks. To address this problem, the use of UV lights in air handlers indoors is one of the best solutions available. Using UV light for removing airborne bacteria and germs has been proven by the test of time. If you want improved air quality inside your home, office, or larger spaces like industrial structures, you can learn here how to install UV lamps in your air handler.

UV lamps were used first time in 1909 to disinfect water systems. Then in 1936 they were used to sterilize air in operation rooms in France. These days, these systems are used in versatile areas such as bottled water plants, sewage plants, municipal water plants, and more places. Since they are getting less expensive, you can have one in your home or office also.

Although (free) UV rays from the sun perform this process of sterilizing for the atmosphere, you can replicate this system by using artificially produced UV rays. Ultra violet rays coming from a UV lamp prevent the breeding and growth of bacteria, virus, molds, fungi, and other harmful germs present in the air. In addition, they remove air pollutants, odors, smoke, chemical odors, and other contamination in the air.

UV lights present in a HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) system start the oxidation process in advance whenever the system is switched on. This process includes hydo-peroxides, ozonized ions, hydro-oxide ions, and super-oxide ions. These oxidizers work for freshening the air and produce back oxygen. Here is a guide for how to install UV lamps in air handler.

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Supplies required

UV lamps, screws, screwdrivers, cutter pliers, duct tape, and tin cutter

Procedure - Install UV Lights in Air Handler

You can choose UV lights from various designs and different sizes to be installed in your air handler. Fix one set of UV lights just over the AC coil in the duct and the other one right before the air handler in the air duct. These lights come with mountings to install them. Since manufacturers provide different models to suit different HVAC systems, to select the right UV lamp, provide manufacturers with accurate information about sizes of ducts, amount of air handled, and other details. Based on this data, a manufacturer will recommend a specific model of UV light and details about installing and spacing them.

Select a position on the duct where you want to install a light and cut an opening that is larger than the size of the base of UV mounting. Slide in the housing of the light through the opening you have cut and mark points for screws and wire connections. Drill the holes at the markings, place the housing inside, and fix it using screws. Once housing is fixed, fix the UV probes.

The installation of UV lamp is completed. Close the duct opening by a tin sheet and seal it with duct tape. Now connect it with the standard electric outlets.

Easy, isn’t it? You could have done it long ago if you had this information, but you’re on the right track now for reducing pollutants and pathogens from your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.