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Geotechnical engineering requires in-depth knowledge of both past and present data of the concerned land. This is one field which is extremely vast and continuously changing. It is therefore must that the geotechnical engineers or the people involved with this field keep themselves continuously updated with the changing trends. Hundreds of geotechnical engineering publications are available in the market today, but it is difficult to acquire each of these publications.

Internet has been proved to be an excellent tool for acquiring past, present, and future information, data, case studies, and even magazines on geotechnical engineering. There are many companies which provide both free and subscription services through internet. Some of these websites are so comprehensive that one doesn’t even require reference books. The article enumerates some of the most important geotechnical engineering publications available online.

iCivil Engineer

The iCivil Engineer Websites boasts itself to be the internet for civil engineers. This comprehensive site, which deals with each and every aspect of civil engineering, is an excellent resource for civil engineering knowledge. The site also features various streams of civil engineering, including geotechnical engineering. This information portal is one of the most visited civil engineering websites on the internet. The website’s main aim is to collect all the information related to civil engineering that is present online and offer it to the world wide civil engineering community through the medium of internet. The site enumerates some of the best resources for geotechnical engineering present online. This is a not-to-be-missed online resource for those seeking information on geotechnical engineering. Visit iCivil Engineer – Geotechnical Engineering here.

The Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering

The Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering is the “Guru” of all geotechnical engineering online publications. Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering or EJGE as it is famously known is a geotechnical information portal which solely focuses on the geotechnical engineering field. The portal is divided into two main parts – GVL (Geotechnical Virtual Library) and iGem (Internet Geotechnical Engineering Magazine). EJGE is a website which doesn’t miss anything which is categorized under “Geotechnical Engineering” and is present on the internet. The Information portal also features their own magazine which features all the happening news and upgrading trends in the field of Geotechnical Engineering. This is a site not to be missed if someone is seeking anything related to geotechnical engineering.

Visit The Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineeering here.

The Geotechnical Engineering Portal of the U.S Federal Highway Administration

A geotechnical engineering information portal from the U.S Government’s Federal Highway Administration is an excellent reference tool especially for geotechnical information related to roads and bridges. However, the information site also features almost all information on geotechnical engineering, along with recent news, technologies, events, and links to other geotechnical information portals. This is a site which provides the most recent and updated information on the geotechnical engineering field. This a must website for all the aspiring and established geotechnical engineers around the world.

Visit U.S Federal Highway Administration – Geotechnical Engineering here.

Geotechnical Directory

Geotechnical directory is also a geotechnical engineering information portal. However, it is a new portal as compared to others and also has lesser information. But the site is gradually increasing its content database and thus is not to be missed. A U.S based information portal, the geotechnical directory mainly deals with issues, news, and information of the geotechnical field in the United States. However, many other resources on geotechnical engineering can also be found on this portal. The site also features a geotechnical forum wherein people can discuss and get their queries answered.

Visit Geotechnical Directory here


Geoengineer is one of the best sites for geotechnical engineering information, especially for the geotechnical engineers. The site offers a huge database of information on advancement of international geotechnical engineering practice, research, and education. The information portal is famous for its Online Geoengineering Library and geotechnical papers. There is nothing related to geotechnical engineering that cannot be found in here.

Visit Geoengineer here.

Web Publications Requiring Subscriptions

The American Society of Civil Engineers

The American Society of Civil Engineers provides online publications and journals especially for the subscribed members. Paying a reasonable subscription fees, members can get access to their famous Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering. It is a monthly journal which features articles and topics from some of the best geotechnical engineers and experts around the world.

To know more about this journal visit here.

DMOZ Open Directory Project: Update! No Longer Available

The DMOZ Open Directory project is a kind of search engine which lists out the top geotechnical publications around the world. The site lists magazines, journals, monthly and bi-monthly publications, along with other geotechnical information websites. It is worth visiting the portal if someone is looking for monthly geotechnical engineering magazines and journals.

Unfortunately, the DMOZ Open Directory Project is no longer available. For more about the story of DMOZ, check out this resource: