ProE Tutorial – Use Pro-E Graph Feature and Variable Section Sweep for Creating Cam Profile

ProE Tutorial – Use Pro-E Graph Feature and Variable Section Sweep for Creating Cam Profile
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The sweep and variable section sweep are quite frequently used ProE option. By using the Pro-E graph feature with the variable section sweep, we can create the cam follower kind of profile, where we have to create the cam surface from the given graph. The Following seven Steps will discuss about the use of Pro-E graph feature in variable section sweep:


You should have a cam displacement diagram graph ready for creating a cam profile. The displacement diagram should then to be used as input for creating the Pro-E graph feature.


For creating the Pro-E graph feature, go to insert>model datum>graph, and you will find the sketcher window appear. Create the graph as below:

Please notice from the graph sketch that, we have kept 100 units as the total distance from start to end of the curve towards “X” direction but the cam will have 360 degree rotation hence each unit of the graph is equivalent to 3.6 degrees of cam rotation. Also, we have kept the start and the end points of the curve at a vertically same height.

Name the graph as “graph1”.


Create the two datum curves as shown below:

Graph Curve

These curves will act as base circle of the cam profile.


Now go to insert>variable section sweep and select the two curves as reference as below:

Graph Curve1


Now click on the “create or edit sweep section” and create the below section:

Graph Curve Sweep section

Please observe that the vertical line is the sweep section and the line is perpendicular to both the curves.


Now you need to go to tools>relation in the sketcher mode and the relation window will appear. Select the dimension “150” and the corresponding dimension id (sd4) will appear in the relation window. Now type the following equation there:

Graph Relation

Now Click “OK”.


Come out of the sweep blend and you will get the cam profile surface like below:

Cam Surface


The cam surface created using the Pro-E graph feature and variable section sweep can be converted to solid using Pro Engineer surface modeling operations

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