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AutoCAD 2009 Tutorial: Creating Tables Using AutoCAD 2009

written by: Suvo • edited by: Lamar Stonecypher • updated: 3/15/2010

With AutoCAD 2009 table creation was so easy like never before. Options like linking with excel and data extraction makes it more interesting.

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    You know in an engineering drawing table plays important role. You have to create different types of table like BOM table, title box etc. in a drawing. At the same time you know that creating table with the earlier versions of AutoCAD is a real pain. But in AutoCAD 2009, table creation has become much easier. You will see something called table style, which will determine the table format. You can use excel tables and extract data from drawing to create table.table in autocad 2009 

    Getting started with table creation

    Go to home>annotation and click on the table icon as shown in the figure. You will see the insert table dialogue box will open up. You will find different sections in the insert table dialogue box as below:

    • Table style: from the drop down list you can select an existing table style or alternatively you can create new table style by clicking the icon just beside the drop down list. If you go for new table style a new window will be opened which is like the smallest window of the snap. By clicking new, you can create new table style; means you will define new fill colours, line types and data types.
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    • Insert options: these options decide how the table will be initiated. If you have already selected a new table style then the first option of this section will be start from table style. If you haven’t selected any table style yet then the first option will be start from empty table.

    If you have chosen second option from data link then you should have an excel sheet ready to attach with the drawing. In this case the table will be driven by the excel sheet. The data changed in excel sheet will be updated in the table.

    The third option, from object data in the drawing (data extraction), is used to automatically collect table data from the drawing. If you select this option data extraction wizard will start, you can decide which are the data you want to be in the table.

    • Insertion behavior: Options in this section will decide how you want to place the table. You can either specify insertion point or window.
    • Column and row settings: Number and sizes of columns and row are defined in this section.
    • Table options: You will see this section only if you are using table style. Various options in this section will help you keeping some particular fields as it is where as you can insert to the other fields manually.
    • Set cell style: This section is available only in case of standard tables; means you have not used selected any new table style. This section deals with different data types of different section.

    After setting all the sections of the insert table dialogue box, click ok and select the location of table placement.

    Table command in AutoCAD 2009 has been improved drastically. Now table creation becomes not only easier but effective as well. You can now link excel sheet table with AutoCAD table. By using data extraction, creation of table by using drawing data has become possible.


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