Review of CATIA V6: The Latest Version of CATIA. New CAD Software

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CATIA is one of the most popular CAD/CAM software developed by French company Dassault Sytemes. The software provides the platform for design, analysis and manufacture of the new product thus making the product development faster and easier. The latest version of CATIA is CATIA V6.

Keeping innovation at the heart of enterprise helps accelerated transformation of the company to a full PLM 2.0 approach. CATIA V6 comes with full spectrum of tools for designing and analysis. The software enables simulation of the objects with 3D digital mockup. CATIA V6 has special feature of “design anywhere, anytime” that enables the capturing and sending changes to the offline collaborators.

Highlights of CATIA V6

CATIA V6 has spectrum of features to encourage innovation across the extended enterprise. Here are some important features or highlights of CATIA V6:

1) Global Collaboration Innovation: The users of CATIA V6 get access to company’s award winning collaborative 3D environment that allows unlimited number of online people from all over the world to take part in the virtual 3D brainstorming conference. The “design anywhere, anytime” strategy helps sharing the changes in design offline.

2) Real life like experience: The new CATIA V6 provides real life like working environment with new effect, materials and paint shaders.

3) Integrated multidisciplinary approach: The new product has to undergo various stages from design, and development to manufacturing. CATIA V6 helps reducing the complexity of the product development by allowing integration of various approaches for developing the product within a single platform. It introduces unique approach for systems engineering called RFLP. This approach provides comprehensive and collaborative facility for the different views of the product considering different requirements.

4) If you already have V5: If you already own V5 version of CATIA, the transition from V5 to V6 is very smooth. V6 has about 80% portfolio similar to that V5 thus making deployments in the industries easier.

Company claims that CATIA removes many of inherent limitations of CAD software by making highly functional software making the complex process of product development far easier, convenient and faster. Providing collaboration and multidisciplinary approach to the product development within the single platform is the strength of CATIA V6.


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