Structural Engineering

Since the time of the pyramids, structural engineering has been an important part of our life. This speciality within Civil Engineering has to do with the building of any sort of structure: skyscrapers, office buildings or any other type of structure that depends on correct form for strength, function and safety. Structural Engineers can also be involved in designing machinery and vehicles.
Transportation Engineering as well, is a significant component of structural engineering. Many building projects involve the construction of roads and highways, railroads, docks and harbors, bridges and airports. Transportation Engineers must work with Urban Planners to see how the effect of roads and mass transit systems will effect the landscape and community. There are a number of interesting elements to the planning and designing of these projects. Learn more about the process here.

What is Multi-Stage Flash Distillation?

This is an article on multi-stage flash distillation where we will look at what is multi-stage flash distillation.
Distillation has evolved from the old steam coil vacuum evaporators, to today’s modern reverse osmosis and multi-flash distillation plants that are used for desalination of seawater.

Highway Road Project Management

Highway road project management is not an easy task. It is a demanding job that requires good communication skills, knowledge in geometric design, experience, working knowledge of AASHTO guidelines, dealing with local authorities, labor and material management.

Geometric Design of Roads

Geometric design of highways and roadways refers to road engineering design features, notably horizontal and vertical alignment. Its main purpose is to provide safe and smooth traffic operations. The geometric design of roadways and highways is heavily influenced by the speed of the vehicle.

Applications of GIS in Road Traffic Management

Roads are key channels in a modern society’s substructure, lending a great deal to the allocation of goods, funds, and individuals. Application of GIS in road traffic management renders many useful functions for assuring an efficient flow in the traffic systems of a country.

Reinforcement of Gravity Walls

Gravity walls can be helped by reinforcement of the wall itself during its building or even by the use of anchor bolts, geotechnical material in the earth or material being retained, and gabions among other means.

What makes a Traffic Light Work?

Gone are the horse and buggy days. Nevertheless, the sad part is that we still do not notice the endless number of traffic signals. Who are the inventors of these signal lights? What makes a traffic light work? These interesting facts make up this article!

Wireless Bridge Monitoring & the Internet of Things

The structural health of bridges need constant monitoring to prevent collapses that can be sudden and disastrous. Distances and the number of such bridges require a lot of time, money, and labor for any such monitoring to be feasible. Wireless bridge monitoring solves these problems fairly easily.