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  • Truss Bridge Designs
    Truss bridges are amongst a variety of bridge designs that are being used for road traffic. The basic shape of a truss bridge is like a right triangle, with the hypotenuse extending to the abutments. There are two similar trusses at each of the road sides.
  • Concepts of Structural Safety
    Uncertainties in an engineering system can be mainly attributed to ambiguity and vagueness in defining the variables and parameters of the system and their relations. This gives rise to problems in structural reliability analysis which can endanger structural safety.
  • Bridge Design Considerations in Areas of Seismic Activity
    Earthquake prone areas always exert great pressure on economy and social security. Safety is the most important aspect of bridge building for earthquake areas. Modern technology has now enabled engineers to build earthquake resistant bridges economically yet keeping the reliability factor intact.
  • Characteristics Of Beam Bridges
    A beam bridge is designed by the modern design techniques and the construction involves a thorough soil analysis, followed by the selection of bridge materials that can endure the bridge loads.
  • Types of Bridges
    Bridges have been used since ancient history though the technique of binding logs has been replaced by modern materials shaped into well-designed structures to resist applied loads. Here are the different types of bridges that exist in the world today
  • Trenchless Water Pipe Repair
    Underground space is very important for the smooth functioning of society as this is where the pipelines, utilities, waste disposal systems, etc., are located. Trenchless technology allows this space to be used without disrupting the surface.
  • Construction of Beam and Truss Bridges
    Bridges have long been constructed for the use of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. There are several types of beam bridges and truss bridges being used. The selection of bridges is based on the bridge loads, soil conditions, and cost. The beam and truss bridge is the most commonly used type.
  • Fundamentals of Municipal Engineering
    Municipal engineering ensures the development of regions in the social sector, and the people living in the society are seriously concerned with this subject. With an increased awareness, people desire to improve their quality of life, and municipal engineering is one of the contributing factors.
  • Role of the Manager in Highway Road Projects
    Highway road project management is not an easy task. It is a demanding job that requires good communication skills, knowledge in geometric design, experience, working knowledge of AASHTO guidelines, dealing with local authorities, labor and material management.
  • Multi-Stage Flash Distillation for Desalination
    This is an article on multi-stage flash distillation where we will look at what is multi-stage flash distillation. Distillation has evolved from the old steam coil vacuum evaporators, to today’s modern reverse osmosis and multi-flash distillation plants that are used for desalination of seawater.
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