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  • Standard Operation Procedures for Street Sweepers and Cleaners
    Street sweeping and cleaning may not look like a technical job, but it is properly carried out in an organized and planned way in the US and Great Britain.
  • Is this Tibet's Decade?
    A government in exile, a parallel government running in the mainland country, natives protesting across the globe against dictating forces, and yet Tibet manages to match its pace with the advancing technology. Science and technology in Tibet is scaling new heights.
  • Building Structures to Minimize Blast Injuries
    Earlier blasts reminded us of demolitions of buildings in the US. But now, blasting reminds us of 9/11 and terrorist attacks. Post 9/11, governments have started emphasizing the need for blast containment designs that help in minimizing blast injuries.
  • Characteristics Of Rail Transport
    Rail transport is the most important medium of transportation across the globe. Railways not only carry passengers, but they also carry goods, emergency services, and army equipment. This article covers the major characteristics of railway transportation.
  • Wöhler Fatique Curves (S-N) for Shearing Stress
    August Wöhler, a German engineer, studied the fatigue characteristics of materials under cyclic loading. His studies resulted in development of S-N fatigue curves for shear stress. The applications of S-N curves, how to use them, and other major aspects related to Wöhler curves are focused on below.
  • Converting Coordinate System Rates for Structural Analysis
    Any structural design has to be completely effective in the way the structure behaves when subjected to the loads that are expected on it. This requires all forces and their effects to be converted to a common coordinate system so that the overall effect on the structure can be judged.
  • Rise of the Roundabouts
    Roundabouts in America have come a long way since they were first introduced. Today, traffic conditions have changed, traffic density has increased manifold, and these factors have raised questions about the effectiveness of roundabouts.
  • Intumescent Paint and Coatings
    Spray-on fireproof coatings are an effective method for protecting equipment and structures from fire and heat. However, these materials tend to have particular advantages and disadvantages. Read this article to learn about the properties, indications and applications for these coatings.
  • Versailles Rail Accident and Metal Fatigue
    Metal fatigue causes failure of structural elements. This fatigue can be a result of over-stress, and the 1842 Versailles train crash was attributed to metal fatigue in one of the axles of the engine.
  • History of Corps of Engineers
    The US Army Corps of Engineers played a remarkable role in structuring the nation's parks, lands, waterways, and coastal shorelines. They have also contributed a significant role in wartime situations.
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