Life at Sea

Have you ever thought about a career on the open sea? Learn all about the excited job filed of a Marine Engineer. This topic covers the jobs available, including duties and responsibilities. It also covers sea life, including Maritime law. Discover the rules and regulations designed to keep you, other boaters, surfer or sailors, and the ocean itself safe. Also learn about how engineers pilot the boat through the waters using celestrial navigation and gps systems. It’s all at Bright Hub Engineering!

Life of a Marine Engineer

The article describes the life of a junior marine engineer and the various tasks he has to perform on board. This article has not been written with intent to scare people by showing a different side of the professional life on board but with a purpose to depict the true nature of work at sea.

The Marine Chronometer and its use on board ships

Christopher Columbus was so lost without a marine chronometer that he landed up in America looking for India. One of the big reasons for this was that, although the latitude of any place could be calculated easily, calculating Longitude was always a problem before the advent of the chronometer.

Maritime Piracy remains a major threat to commercial maritime activities and places a burden upon international resources. The international response to modern day piracy has refined international laws to reduce the incidence and impact of piracy upon the seas.

maritime jobs and careers – life of a maritime lawyer

Many people consider a career in law, but for many, the decision of what area of law to practice can be daunting. While many look to practice in the exciting world of criminal law many overlook the benefits that can be provided to those lucky enough to choose Maritime law.

international convention on safety of life at sea

The ocean prevents many dangers that ultimately can result in death. The international community knowing of the dangers surrounding the ocean has long worked for policies and laws that are designed to protect life. The Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea has since resulted.

A simple explanation of Marine Navigational charts

A marine navigational chart also known as a nautical chart, is a map of the areas of interest to a mariner. It is on these charts that he plots his passage and courses, keeps away from dangers and follows international rules and conventions regarding navigation and collision avoidance.

Why marine navigation lights are of vital importance on ships

There are no roads at sea, and although full moon starry nights can be brilliant, no lights either. So how do we identify ships and which way they are going at night? How do we know which ship should keep out of the way of when two meet? Read on to find out how navigation lights help do just that.

Celestial Navigation for the Clueless

A ship in the ocean is surrounded only by seawater so how did the earlier sailors found their way without the modern paraphernalia? Although sailing close to land has always been easier once landmarks become visible, sailing in the open sea has involved using the planets and the stars as landmarks.

United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty

For centuries laws have been put in place to ensure the effective and safe management of those at sea. This article examines the development and trends in the Law of the Sea and its place in today’s society.