Life at Sea

Have you ever thought about a career on the open sea? Learn all about the excited job filed of a Marine Engineer. This topic covers the jobs available, including duties and responsibilities. It also covers sea life, including Maritime law. Discover the rules and regulations designed to keep you, other boaters, surfer or sailors, and the ocean itself safe. Also learn about how engineers pilot the boat through the waters using celestrial navigation and gps systems. It’s all at Bright Hub Engineering!

Types of Recorded Rogue Waves

What are the different types of rogue waves? Where does physics fit into the equation, and what is the criteria for determining if a wave is “rogue” or “tame”?

Sea Captain Maritime Jobs – Duties of the Master

This last article of the series explains the role of the top dog- a ship’s Captain- at sea.

Although this role is perceived surrounded by mystery and romance, it is a hard and lonely job, requiring an individual to be, literally, Master of many trades.

Rogue wave physics for dummies

Researchers are still mystified by the nature of monster waves. Even today, their physical features and sudden appearances are puzzles yet to be solved and are almost as mysterious as they were ages ago.

stress management tips in the workplace at sea

The fat pay-cheque associated with a job in merchant navy does not come easy. One has to work for months together in isolated conditions and this could lead to stress. Learn how to manage stress on ships and keep yourself fit and healthy

Maritime Jobs: Sea cadets – the future marine masters,

The Master is the overall incharge of the ship and is more popularly known as the Captain. But one has to join at the bottom rung of the marine ladder and spend years of training to become an officer. Learn about this interesting and rewarding journey from a person who has been through this himself

Piracy on the Somali Coast – Causes and Costs

Piracy along the coast of Somalia has reached unprecedented levels. The international community has recognized the threat of piracy and, using all available legal means, is determined to stamp out the threat of piracy. In this article, see how this is actually taking place.

Marine Industry Jobs – How to find a job

There’s no doubting, the employment market has just got harder to crack. Now days only the best of the best are securing a maritime job. This article gives you the words of advice that will give you the best possible chance of landing a maritime job.

What Are Rogue Waves

Sailors of yore have told tales of the appearances of monster waves spanning heights of 80 to 100
feet or more. Once thought to be a myth, they been proven to be a reality. Once thought to be rare, they have been shown to be weekly events.

Why Do Oil Spills Occur?

This article deals with the issue of oil spillage on ship and its consequences from both environmental and legal perspectives. Marine oil pollution has become a matter of grave concern for the whole world and the following article gives an account as to what an oil spillage entails.