Life at Sea

Have you ever thought about a career on the open sea? Learn all about the excited job filed of a Marine Engineer. This topic covers the jobs available, including duties and responsibilities. It also covers sea life, including Maritime law. Discover the rules and regulations designed to keep you, other boaters, surfer or sailors, and the ocean itself safe. Also learn about how engineers pilot the boat through the waters using celestrial navigation and gps systems. It’s all at Bright Hub Engineering!

A Trip through the Panama Canal – in Pictures

Every sailor looks forward to a Panama Canal trip. Crossing is a grand experience. We become humbled after observing the sheer magnitude of the work done and experiencing the spirit of human perseverance that triumphed over nature. Here we cross the Panama Canal in pictures.

Gulf of Aden Magnetic Anomaly Exposed

Reports on the presence of magnetic anomalies as well as an inter-dimensional portal in the Gulf of Aden are widely available on the Internet. This article explains the origin of those magnetic anomalies and covers some other causes of the great interest in the region.

The Need for the Maritime Law Jones Act

The Maritime Jones Act has two main objectives. To protect the rights of the American seamen, to prevent them from working on substandard ships, to provide them a right to sue and ask compensation for injuries sustained while on work. The other is to restrict foreign ships on coastal trade so as …

Common At Sea Nautical Etiquette and Flag Rules

Common At Sea Nautical Etiquette and Flag Rules

Sea etiquette, though a diminishing custom at sea, is staunchly followed by navy and merchant ships. Flags have been used for several purposes at sea since the start. For many sea going officers and Captains, sea etiquette and flag rules is an essential part of the overall sailing process.

Are Average Ocean Temperatures Rising?

The average ocean temperatures are rising in the worlds oceans, mainly within the layer of seawater starting 800 yards below the surface. Rising temperatures are being monitored by various modern underwater temperature probes, showing an average rise in seawater temperatures of 0.36ᴼC above normal.

Prepare a Ship for Dry Dock

For a vessel to maintain its class license, and comply with operational requirements, it must carry out planned dry docking every five years for the renewal of the license. In cases like collision or under water damage the vessel will be brought in for unplanned dry docking for repairs.

Cause of Lifeboat Accidents

Lifeboat accidents have claimed many lives and injured many more on board ships. Though the most probable reason for these accidents have been thought of as human error, the investigation has often lead to something else. In the following article, find out the main reason for lifeboat accidents.