Life at Sea

Have you ever thought about a career on the open sea? Learn all about the excited job filed of a Marine Engineer. This topic covers the jobs available, including duties and responsibilities. It also covers sea life, including Maritime law. Discover the rules and regulations designed to keep you, other boaters, surfer or sailors, and the ocean itself safe. Also learn about how engineers pilot the boat through the waters using celestrial navigation and gps systems. It’s all at Bright Hub Engineering!

Maritime Law in context of charter parties and its implications

The carriage of goods by sea is in the most, guided by Maritime Law and the principles of charter-parties. With international economic reliance placed on the free flowing carriage of goods by sea this article reflects upon the current issues of charter-parties and the carriage of goods by sea.

Yatch World – Types of Ships

If you still remember the days when you leant to spell A, B, C….Z and associated each alphabet with an object, most probably you were taught Y for Yacht. But after so many years, its time you learn more about these fancy crafts.

Career for Navy – Job Description of a Navigating Officer

If you have watched the movie Titanic (I wonder who hasn’t) then you must have seen the command and authority that a Captain wields on board a vessel and how he is the last one to escape during an emergency. Learn about the various aspects of navigating officers in this article.

Marine Engineering: What is it all About?

The very thought of the ocean fills one with awe and inspiration. Since life originated in water, the inherent drive to explore the oceans and seas is somewhere deep down in all of us. Learn about the fascinating world of ships and their engineering aspects here.

Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture Information

Nearly three-fourths of this earth is filled with water and we all know that sailing through the high seas is a great adventure as well as a career. This is where the concept of marine engineering comes in the picture and this article would tell you some interesting facts about the same.