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  • God's Fist - Physics of Rogue Waves - I
    Researchers are still mystified by the nature of monster waves. Even today, their physical features and sudden appearances are puzzles yet to be solved and are almost as mysterious as they were ages ago.
  • Rogue Waves in Sea and Land Disasters
    You may have heard of ship disasters that were caused by rogue waves. But did you know that you can also encounter them while you are on dry land?
  • A Candid Revelation of the Life of Junior Engineer Onboard a Ship
    The article describes the life of a junior marine engineer and the various tasks he has to perform on board. This article has not been written with intent to scare people by showing a different side of the professional life on board but with a purpose to depict the true nature of work at sea.
  • Jobs on Tug Boats
    Different types of jobs are available in a tugboat. This article describes different jobs in tugboat, required skills and functions of the particular job.
  • Legal Speciality: Maritime Law
    Are you interested in studying maritime law? The article will provide you with some of the best schools worldwide that can help you enter this competitive field.
  • At Sea Etiquette and Flag Rules
    Sea etiquette, though a diminishing custom at sea, is staunchly followed by navy and merchant ships. Flags have been used for several purposes at sea since the start. For many sea going officers and Captains, sea etiquette and flag rules is an essential part of the overall sailing process.
  • Short Sea Traffic and Coastwise Trade
    The term short sea traffic refers is also referred to as Coastwise Trade, Coastal Trade, or Coasting Trade. It stands in contrast to deep sea shipping. Short sea traffic has been a preferred means of transportation in the EU, but it lost its hold over the U.S. in the twentieth century.
  • Why Is Low Barometric Pressure So Uncommon?
    Low pressure of the atmosphere is a phenomenon that is avoided by the mariners. Learn about the mystery of low barometric pressure and in which regions of the earth it is more prominent.
  • Understanding Marine Heat Bursts
    A heat burst in meteorology is an uncommon atmospheric event defined by squally winds, a rapid boost in temperature, and a decrease in moisture. Understanding heat bursts is important both from the view point of aviation as well as marine work. What are marine heat bursts?
  • How to Join the US Merchant Marine
    This article outlines the process of joining the US Merchant Marine. Read to find out what jobs are available in the Merchant Marine, who to contact to obtain them, and how to obtain the necessary licenses.
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