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  • Looking for Maritime Jobs? Dont Look Further
    There's no doubting, the employment market has just got harder to crack. Now days only the best of the best are securing a maritime job. This article gives you the words of advice that will give you the best possible chance of landing a maritime job.
  • Taking Martime Education to the Next Level : Indian Maritime University
    The only Maritime University of India promises to take the Indian maritime education to the next level. The much needed Maritime university with international standards will not only provide a word class education to the future seafarers but would also take Indian education at a global platform.
  • Maritime Law Liability for Losses Caused by Inherently Dangerous Goods Shipped By Sea
    Maritime cargo often incorporates dangerous goods. This article explores the established liability when Dangerous goods are shipped by sea.
  • Emergency Situations on Ship : Oil Spills - II
    Do you know how much oil can a ship discharge in sea water? and where? If not just read this this article where we will learn about the different ways and measures to control oil pollution from ships.
  • Life of Junior Engineer on Ship - part 2
    In the previous article we saw the various tasks a junior engineer has to perform and also how the work on board is different from what he did in his training. Here are some more responsibilities and duties that he is supposed to do in addition to his routine work. There is no turning away from it.
  • Failure of Ship's Crane Brake causes Accident
    When a ship’s main engine breaks down at sea, the removal of pistons, liners, or cylinder heads requires using the engine overhead crane. The crane brakes must be regularly maintained as they are needed to stop it from running away when in use on rough seas, as I learned as a young engineer at sea.
  • Marine Safety Management - What is ISM Code?
    There are so many regulations that govern the shipping industry that sometimes it becomes tough for a ship to organize and follow all of them. With a need to improve the organizational structure of the regulations body ISM code was established.
  • The Best Websites and Forums for Sailors and Marine Engineers
    A maritime professional is always looking for ways to solve a technical issue on his or her ship or seeking better employment opportunities. If you are one of them, check out of some of the best websites and forums for sailors and marine engineers.
  • Swimming Through and Out of a Rip Current
    Swimming at the beach is a good exercise as well as recreation, but only when done carefully. Among the dangers that can engulf you are the rip currents. Find out how to spot such a danger and methods to avoid it and have a safe swim.
  • Rogue Waves' Connection to Music Charts and Fantasy Art
    Rogue waves should not only be associated with death and destruction, but as a source of inspiration for creative minds. Let us see how they have been used in the arena of arts, literature, and movies.
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