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  • Ship Flooding Emergency Procedures
    The ship flooding emergency procedures are one of the most important documents of a ship’s emergency literature. It is available to the crew, Deck, and Engine Room Officers who must be familiar with its contents; knowing their Emergency Stations and individual roles, should such a situation arise.
  • Best and Worst Ports in the World
    The best port of the world ensures that the mariners get all the facilities that not only make their ship perfect again during a short break on a voyage but also rejuvenates their own selves too. And the worst port would do nothing of it. Read on to find more about the best and worst ports.
  • Cargo Shipping Companies List
    A ship is huge but shipping companies are even bigger. Find out about the 5 gigantic shipping corporations across the globe and their vital statistics
  • Rising Seas Endangering Urban Centers & Major Ports of the World
    A majority of trade and commerce (on which a country's economy greatly depends) is carried out by the major ports of the country. This is why port cities flourish and become mega cities. With the rise in sea levels, these cities are at risk. Are you in one of those cities?
  • Islands and Ports of Oceania
    Famous for tourism, sports, and their ports, the islands of the tropical Pacific Ocean constitute Oceania.
  • Marine Offshore Oil Platforms and Ships Safety & Survival Equipment - Lifeboats
    Seafarers the world over are assured escape from whatever type of ship or oil rig they are serving on by the lifeboats. These have evolved over the years into safe, dependable and seaworthy rescue boats. Most are now vivid orange colored, totally enclosed fiberglass hull with inboard diesel engine.
  • Magnetic Anomaly in the Gulf of Aden - Real or Not?
    Reports on the presence of magnetic anomalies as well as an inter-dimensional portal in the Gulf of Aden are widely available on the Internet. This article explains the origin of those magnetic anomalies and covers some other causes of the great interest in the region.
  • Maritime Jobs: The Life of a Deck Officer
    Do you know about the duties and lifestyle of a Deck Officer on board a ship? Or have you even heard the term Deck Officer? If not then its time you get down reading this article to find out.
  • Argo Floats: Robots at Sea
    Due to the continuous increase of adverse effects of global warming, monitoring drastic variations in the parameters of the sea has become cumbersome. In order to overcome this difficulty autonomous Argo float robots are used.
  • What is the Science Behind God's Fist - The Research on Rogue Waves
    Scientists are not content with the mere observation of the mysterious phenomena that are rogue waves, but are carrying out intensive research. This article examines how optics, neural networks, and quantum physics are related to rogue wave research.
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