Second marine engineer – Duties and responsibilities explained

1.Maintain and Update Documentation:

Documentation under the second engineer’s responsibility which requires maintaining and updating are as follows:

  1. Daily record book.
  2. Machinery maintenance record book.
  3. Defect and repair list.
  4. Major spares inventory.
  5. Oil record book.
  6. FFA and LSA record book.
  7. Saturday routine book.
  8. Engine room log book.
  9. Updating of PMS.
  10. Stores and ROB (spares of aux machinery).
  11. Lube oil and chemical inventory.

2.Engine Room Management:

  1. Personally responsible to chief engineer.
  2. Ensure engine room is properly manned.
  3. Proper distribution of job.
  4. Clear briefing done before a job is carried out.
  5. Ensure all engineer and crew practice safe working procedure and wears safety gear at all times.
  6. Guidance and proper training of juniors.
  7. Ensure every one understand the consequence of pollution.
  8. Responsible for compilation of all work done for future records.
  9. Observation of shore personnel.

3.Engine Room House Keeping:

  1. Ensure engine room is maintained in clean, painted and sanitary condition.
  2. Ensure all tools and stores are kept safely and location recorded.
  3. Secure all heavy items at all times.
  4. All leaks and damages are attended as soon as possible.
  5. Bilge garbage and sewage management as per regulation.

4.Safety of Engine Room and ship:

1.Ensure all engineers know the location of LSA and FFA.

2.All emergency escape routes are clearly marked and clear of any obstruction.

3.Maintenance of all FFA and LSA under 2nd engineer responsibility.

5.Pollution Prevention:

Ensure all engineer know:

  1. Operation of oily water separator.
  2. Operation of incinerator.
  3. Operation of sewage plant.
  4. Oil transferring procedure.
  5. Oil record book and engine room log book updating.

Ensure all bilge over board valves are shut and locked in port and in special area.

6.Emergency procedures:

  1. Steering gear emergency procedure.
  2. Main engine local control.
  3. Fire and abandon ship drill.
  4. Flooding / grounding / collision.
  5. Power failure procedures.
  6. Oil spill drill.

7.Machinery maintenance:

  1. In state of readiness at all times.
  2. Proper round checks carried out.
  3. Safe operation of all machinery on board.
  4. PMS jobs to be carried out.
  5. Attend to all major repair works.
  6. Keep track of all defects and repair required.
  7. Able to damage any other emergency repairs outside PMS.
  8. Ensure handling / tacking over reports cover the engineer’s general duties ,their performance and any special job as a requirement.