Second marine engineer duties upon joining

During Sign On

Report to Chief Engineer and Master as you sign-on the ship.

Meet the out going Second Engineer and go through the following records:

  1. 2nd engineer’s work done book as it mentioned the work done by the Second Engineer during his voyage time.
  2. Oil record book .
  3. Machinery maintenance book.
  4. Oil record book.
  5. Spares inventory record book.
  6. ROB(Reserved on board) of fuel oil, lube oil and chemical record.
  7. LSA( Life saving Appliances) and FFA ( Fire Fighting Appliances)maintenance record book.
  8. Saturday routine book.
  9. Engine Room Defective list it contain the list of Faulty items on the Engine room.
  10. Spare requisition (record of emergency spares) it has to be ordered to the company for the new spare for maintenance and replacement.
  11. Finished plans and operating manuals.
  12. Engine room log book.

These are the Entries of log book which has to be checked first from the relieving Second Engineer.


  1. Go through the handing out report with out going second engineer and ask any doubt.
  2. Special standing instruction by chief engineer.
  3. PMS outstanding maintenance.
  4. Take rounds of engine room –familiarize.
  5. Know all emergency exits.
  6. Know your emergency station.
  7. Check all fire detectors.
  8. Know the special tools location.
  9. Visual inspection of main engine, boiler, Generator , OWS and incinerator.
  10. Visual inspection of tank tops and pipe lines condition.
  11. Visual inspect of motors, lightning and electrical appliances.
  12. Check bilge pumps and ship side valve.
  13. Visual inspection of steering flat and steering gear condition.
  14. Emergency steering procedure.
  15. Local manoeurving procedure of main engine.
  16. Check emergency fire pump, emergency generator and emergency compressor.
  17. Life boat condition and test the life boat engine.
  18. Check boiler area and if it is not being used for cargo discharge then a few safety cut outs to be tested and check gauge glass.
  19. Inspect the fix fire fighting system and know the checks to be made and check pat records.
  20. Know the bunker lines and valves.
  21. Fuel and lube oil tanks location and quantity.
  22. Check a few UMS alarms.
  23. Get to know sub-ordinates and their responsibilities.
  24. Know the performance of the ship staff from out going second engineer.