Energy & Power Plants

Every time you switch on a light you are tapping into electrical energy. Where did that energy come from? From Power Plants! Learn all about how Power Plants work at Bright Hub’s Mechanical Engineering Channel. Is nuclear power dangerous? Is solar power possible? What are tidal power plants? Find the answers to all your questions about how electrical energy is generated, alternative energy sources and more!

How to Determine Electrical Shock Hazard Boundaries

Electrical Shock Hazard boundaries are of three types: Limited Approach Boundary, Restrictive Approach Boundary, and Prohibitive Approach Boundary. The boundaries are decided using NFPA 70 E Table 130.2 C and the shock appraisal chart. The other hazards of electricity are arc flash and arc blast.

Nanotechnology in Energy – Solar

The applications of nanotechnology for energy are many. Nanotechnology batteries and nanotechnology solar are in advanced stages of development. Through using nanotechnology other physical phenomena are also used to produce and store energy.

Microbial Carbon Dioxide Sequestration

There have been numerous suggestions made regarding sequestration of carbon dioxide, which range from storage in redundant offshore oil and gas reservoirs to unusable coalmines and deep oceans. However, scientists believe that microbes found in underground saline aquifers could be the way forward.