Energy & Power Plants

Every time you switch on a light you are tapping into electrical energy. Where did that energy come from? From Power Plants! Learn all about how Power Plants work at Bright Hub’s Mechanical Engineering Channel. Is nuclear power dangerous? Is solar power possible? What are tidal power plants? Find the answers to all your questions about how electrical energy is generated, alternative energy sources and more!

Reducing Reliance on Fossil Fuels. Using the Alternate Fuels

Mother Nature has given us innumerable priceless gifts, one such gift is fossil fuels such as oil. We never really realized its importance since it was cheaply available till now. With fuel prices escalating we are trying to find a number of alternate fuels, but this is also the time to understand and appreciate what nature has given us till now.

How Does a Nuclear Power Plant Work? Learn More About the Fascinating Process of Converting Atomic Mass to Energy

Today nuclear power plants have become major source of electricity for us. Externally the nuclear power plant looks like a dome, but it is interesting to know how a nuclear power plant works, what are the types of materials and equipment used, and so on. So just read this article to gain invaluable insight into the interesting world of the industry where power is extracted from the atomic level of matter.

What is a Power Plant? Type of Power Plants

Energy is required for everything that we do, and it is the next important thing apart from the food upon which the lives of nations depend. Lack of power could cause economies to cripple. The flourishing power generation industry is considered to be a sign of prosperity for any nation. Learn more about the types of power plants used to generate this energy.

What is Nuclear Power Plant? How Nuclear Power Plants work?

We know that power plants operating on thermal energy, water kinetic energy etc have several limitations in that they are dependent on availability of natural resources such as water, coal and so forth. These resources have a limited availability and also resources like water depend on seasonal variations of climate and therefore cannot be depended upon entirely. Hence nuclear energy provides an advantage over other sources of energy in such circumstances.

What is Nanotechnology? How Small is a Nano?

You have heard the popular saying that size does matter, but in this age of miniaturization this axiom often applies the other way round. One situation where this happens is the area of nanotechnology which seemingly is a fairly recent technology. Why did I use the word “seemingly?” Find out here.