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  • What's the Matter with Antimatter?
    Science and science-fiction often refer to terms such as antiparticles, positrons, antimatter spaceships, etc. All this matter-antimatter thing may be a little confusing to the non-expert. This article will make an attempt to clarify what is real and what is not.
  • Natural Frequency Resonance- Recipe for Failure.
    All objects in the universe resonate at their natural frequency when excited. This can cause catastrophic failures in structures, machines, and components. How is this relevant in a power plant scenario? Read about these failures ...
  • Cofiring Biomass - What to Look For if Considering
    Cofiring biomass in a coal fired boiler is like a cart drawn by a horse and a mule. What are the advantages?
  • Japanese Nuclear Meltdown
    It is hard not to have come across about what happened in Japan on March 11th. The earthquake of magnitude 9.0 triggered another incident that may have been as disastrous as the damage caused by the earthquake- the Fukushima I nuclear accident- raising questions about the future nuclear energy.
  • Boiler Tube Failure due to Opening a Drain Valve
    A wrong operational procedure leads to boiler tube failure and furnace damage. What went wrong? Read this to find out.
  • Coal Pulverising in Boilers
    Pulverizing coal for a boiler is very important factor in overall cycle efficiency. There are many types of pulverizers available, but proper selection will ensure consistent boiler and cycle efficiency. This helps in reduction of carbon-dioxide emission per million units of electricity generated.
  • Guide To Buying Used Power Plant Equipment
    If you need a quick solution to your energy needs and you are in short of project financing, installing used power plant equipment may be the answer. Read on to find about what you should know when buying used power plant equipment.
  • Water Recovery from Powerplant Flue Gas
    Combustion of fossil fuels produces water, which is expelled as waste along with the flue gas. This article tells you how much water forms during combustion and how we can capture this water for utility purposes.
  • Chemical Recovery Boilers in Paper Plants – Part 2
    This part of the article deals with the effect of various specific parameters of black liquor fired chemical recovery boilers. Black liquor is a unique fuel in boilers, and a brief account of its properties and effect on boiler operation along with feed water and air is discussed.
  • Considerations for Coal Blending in Power Stations
    Coal blending in power stations is mainly adopted to reduce the cost of generation and increase the availability of coal. The low-grade coals can be mixed with better grade coal without deterioration in thermal performance of the boiler, thus reducing the cost of generation.
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