Power Transmission and Distribution

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  • High Voltage DC Power vs AC Power Transmission
    High voltage DC power transmission is being increasingly used in place of high voltage AC power transmission, particularly for seabed cables and long lines. This increased use is because of economic and technical benefits specific to DC power transmission.
  • Power Flow in Symmetrical Components
    In this article we discuss how to calculate the power flow in symmetrical components. Symmetrical components are balanced three-phase vectors derived from the unbalanced phase vectors in a three phase electric system.
  • Generator Battery Home Backup Systems: Living Off the Grid
    Installing a solar panel, a diesel generator and an inverter system may be quite easy. But how do we integrate them to form a complete off the grid generator battery home back up system? A simple circuit and wiring design will tell you how to live simply off the grid. Read on.
  • Overview of Nuclear Electrical Engineering
    A nuclear power plant is a hub of engineers, and a number of electrical engineers are required in every nuclear plant for various jobs. Here are few skills and qualifications for applying a job as an electrical engineer in a nuclear power plant.
  • How a Substation Works
    How does a substation work? Substations are used for stepping up voltage for transmission, stepping it down for distribution, and for switching purposes. In this article we discuss the various functions of a substation and its working principles. We also discuss the safety devices used.
  • How Electricity is Generated
    How to generate electricity? How is electricity created? This article explains the different methods of producing electricity- from the economically feasible methods using fossil fuels to the other unconventional energy sources like wave energy, wind turbine, and geothermal, which are greener.
  • How Windmills Generate Electricity
    How do windmills generate electricity? The windmills are now in popular favor as the solution of our electricity needs and for being green. We discuss the types of windmills, the history, its construction, and working principle in this article.
  • Electric Fuses – Devices to Prevent Circuit Damage and Fire
    There are a lot of different types of fuses found in electrical equipment today. But do you really know how they work?
  • What Are Ultra Capacitors?
    Is there a probable substitute for batteries in the near future? Can ultra capacitors be termed as the next ultimate source for storing energy?
  • Electrical Transmission Efficiency Explained
    Do you know what is meant by efficiency of electricity transmission? If not, just find out from this article
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