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  • Very Large Battery Systems for Utility-Level Power Storage
    The need for large battery systems for renewable energy is becoming more evident lately. Vanadium redox batteries are considered to be good candidates for this purpose. Read this article to find out how they work and the current status of development.
  • Three Phase with Two Transformers - the Open-Delta Connection
    A transformer open-delta configuration is used to drive 3-phase loads where the power requirement is less and where the current load is small and may vary in the near future.
  • New Process and Materials Offer Better Efficiency for Power Conversion
    The process of converting AC to DC to run electronic devices involves inefficiency that is multiplied by the millions of devices that require them. What if this process could be made much more efficient? That's the promise that new materials used in power conversion may offer.
  • Lithium Titanate Batteries Explained
    How do Lithium Titanate batteries work and are they really superior to conventional Lithium-ion batteries? Are they going to substitute for their counterparts in the future market?
  • Roles of Solar Power Regulators, Inverters, and Converters
    Understanding the roles of power regulators, inverters, and converters is important for completing a solar power system in such a way that all components deliver optimal results. Find out how these components work and the features one should look for when contemplating a purchase.
  • What Are the Health Risks of Living Near an Electric Substation?
    By analyzing the cases of people living near power stations, researchers believe that humans can suffer from cancer and tumors when exposed to EMF radiation. How dangerous is it to live near a substation? Is this something you should be concerned about?
  • What is a Dark Laser?
    A new type of pulsed laser has been recently developed- the dark laser. The technology is available with the aid of quantum dot diode lasers and has a great potential in the fields of telecommunications and fiber data transmission applications.
  • Nonlinear Loads on the Electric Power System Causing Problems for Local Utilities
    Large industries and electrical utilities are very concerned about the presence of nonlinear loads in their electrical power systems. This article describes the causes of harmonics and their effects, as well as the means to improve power quality and to protect the equipment.
  • Surge Protectors and Surge Arresters for Industrial Applications
    Surge protectors and surge arresters are both used to protect expensive equipment. However, they have some differences in their technology and application.
  • 1961 - England and France Share Power Grid
    The England and France shared power grid system, which is also known as the IFA (Interconnexion France Angleterre) Interconnector, is one of the most famous systems in the world. Let’s find out more about its history and operation.
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