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  • What is Power Correction Factor for Transformers
    Correction or improvement of the power factor of electrical equipment like transformers is done to reduce the required electric power and thereby save electricity. Here, we discuss how the power factor correction is done and also the calculation steps to process the method.
  • Power Engineering Basics and Job Profiles Explained
    What does the term Power Engineering mean? What are its benefits? How did it come into existence? All of these questions will be answered in this article.
  • The Mathematics of Resistance
    Resistance may be a necessary evil but even then it has not been given a free reign by nature. Resistance is still is subject to the laws of mathematics. Find out more about it here!
  • What Causes Flares or Arcing in Substations?
    Arcing and flares at substations can become a big problem. Why do they happen, and what can be done to prevent them? Here are described two main technical causes and few factors that enhance the occurrence of arcing.
  • Controlling AC Motor Speed Using VFDs Through Constant V/F Ratio
    A resistive load can be simply controlled by varying the applied voltage. But controlling inductive loads like an AC motor definitely isn’t that simple and can be done only through VFDs. Here we comprehensively discuss the purpose of a VFD and how a VFD works.
  • How Dry Cell Batteries Generate Electricity
    Normally a dry cell is also referred to as a Zinc-Carbon Leclanche cell. It is an easily portable, compact, and modified form of Leclanche cell capable of producing an EMF of 1.5 V with a very small internal resistance in the order of 0.1 ohm.
  • A System of Systems - Microgrids Poised to Soar in Popularity
    Microgrids are smaller versions of the national electricity grid running independently. Here you can read about microgrids, why we need them, how they are cost effective, and their constituents. Microgrids too have their own problems, but the future looks very promising.
  • Electric Power Transmission Network Explained
    The electrical power generated in a power station situated in a remote place is transmitted to different regions for domestic and industrial uses. Here we discuss the electric power grid, power generation, transmission, and distribution.
  • Explosion at Iranshahr
    The Iranshahr power plant explosion is pretty much all over the news bulletins and discussion forums, but it seems that nobody knows the exact cause of the explosion. So let's try to take a better look at what really happened, where things went wrong, and what may have caused this disaster.
  • PF Correction Equipment (PFC)
    Power Factor Correction can be performed by passive or active circuits. The advances in semiconductor technology and the low price of control integrated circuits have made the use of active solutions for PFC more appropriate for a wide range of applications.
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