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  • Cruise Ship Fuel Efficiency
    This article explains the fuel efficiency of both large and small cruise ships, then divides that by the number of passengers for a true figure.
  • The First Hovercraft
    Who invented the hovercraft? This article discusses when, and by whom, the hovercraft was invented. It also describes how the first hovercraft worked.
  • Rubber-based Waterproofing Products for Marine Use
    There are numerous rubber based waterproofing products for marine use. These are used to protect offshore structures, ships exterior hull and internal tanks against corrosion from seawater. The decks of these ships and structures are also protected with a non-slip rubber based anticorrosive coating.
  • Building a Stitch and Glue Plywood-Fiberglass Drift Boat
    If you want to make your own drift boat, you will need to follow a plan and the steps described in this article. Here described is how to start making the boat and what is necessary during the construction.
  • A Tour of a Ship's Bridge
    As a Mariner everybody should know the importance of the bridge, installed equipment, and different operations performed inside it essential for safe navigation. Let’s take a tour inside the bridge- the commanding station of the ship.
  • Why a Ship Does Not Capsize when it Rolls
    A ship, as seen in a port, is not calm when it heads out to sea. It experiences huge waves and obeys the degrees of freedom- rolling, pitching, yawing, swaying, heaving, and surging. Even after experiencing such tremendous forces, it does not capsize. Read here to learn more about ship stability.
  • How To Calculate Total Resistance To The Motion Of A Ship
    Learn about an innovative technique of calculating total resistance to ship motion.
  • Surface Roughness of a Hull
    This article deals with how and on what factors the value of resistance depends.
  • What Are Chemical Tankers?
    Learn about these special type of ships which are used to transport dangerous chemicals across the seas.
  • Survey of Sailboat Hull Shapes
    This article will give you a clear picture on a survey of current sailboats, along with the various stresses acting on the hull of the sailboat and the various hull designs now in use.
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