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  • Cruise Ship Construction Methods
    Learn about boat building methods and specifically how cruise ships differ from normal commercial cargo carriers as far as ship building processes are concerned.
  • What is Surface Tension in Liquids?
    Surface tension as a name may refer to a cohesive force that inherently keeps the atoms and molecules of liquids bound together. The article helps to understand what surface tension is through practical examples and formulas.
  • Propulsion Methods for Modern LNG Tankers
    LNG is transported in specifically designed well insulated tanks integral to LNG tankers and is maintained at -163ᴼC, but some boils off to a gas that was formerly vented to atmosphere. It is now used to fuel the ships boilers for running steam turbines or as a dual fuel for main diesel engines.
  • Medieval Longship Designs
    The Vikings sailed to many parts of Europe in their long ships, initially powered by numerous rowers and augmented later with a single square sail. Their ships were invariably clinker built, being conceived and designed in the shipwrights mind with little detail being committed to paper in drawings.
  • Where to Find Wood Boat Building Plans
    The article provides the reader with an extensive list of online sources for wooden boat building plans, magazines, and available free designs.
  • Semisubmersible Drilling Rigs
    One method of drilling for offshore oil and gas is to use a semisubmersible drilling rig, a floating structure having vertical hollow legs connected to horizontal pontoons used for ballasting with seawater for stability. It also has numerous large heavy anchors which keep it secured to the seabed.
  • Coming in over the Transom - What's a Transom?
    A transom is an architectural term used to describe a piece of wood or stone over a doorway or a glass window above a doorway. It is also a nautical term referring to the flat structural surface that forms the stern of a boat or ship; the structural supports for the sternpost are known as transoms.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure and Pascal's Law for Static Fluids
    This article relates Pascal’s law for static fluids and subsequently explains what hydrostatic pressure is. The various formulas required for the evaluation of the discussed laws have been included along with diagram depictions.
  • Common Boat Building Resins
    The article describes the most common resin types for boat building. It also describes the most common applying procedures, hazards and safety precautions during use.
  • Effect of Temperature on Salinity
    The salinity of the ocean is strongly related to temperature. In order to estimate ocean salinity without conducting tests, it is helpful to read approximate values off of a chart. This article contains a temperature salinity diagram for this purpose.
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