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  • What are the Different Types of Propellers Available in the Market?
    We all know the use of a propeller in a ship but how would we find out what kind of propeller is suited for a particular type of ship. This article deals with the different types of propellers and their application according to the type of the ship.Let us have a brief overview.
  • Corrosion Protection Coatings and Sacrificial Anodes used on Offshore Structures
    Offshore structures such as oil and gas platforms require protection from corrosion in the marine environment. These huge installations are constructed from carbon steel plates and rolled sections. This renders them particularly susceptible to corrosion in the hostile conditions they operate under.
  • Anchor Systems for Ships
    A ships anchor is used to prevent the ship from drifting from its location due to wind and tidal currents, larger ships having two bow and one stern anchor. There are numerous types of ships anchors and the heavy ones are normally produced through casting or drop-forged from carbon steel.
  • Corrosion Protection of Ships
    Corrosion protection of our ships in the marine environment has challenged us for years in the areas of their hulls and internal tanks, the use of coaltars being prevalent. Nowadays however there are many innovative types of epoxy coatings and specialized paints available to combat corrosion attack
  • Ship Types - Ships Using Air Cavity System
    A new way to make ships faster and more fuel efficient. Slippery ships use air cavity system to glide on a layer of air reducing the drag, and thus increasing the speed and using less fuel. Let's take a look how these slippery ships work.
  • Determining the Metacentric Height of a Floating Body
    Optimizing extreme stability becomes an important factor when it comes to designing ships. Determining the metacentric height, which is decisively associated with this factor, thus becomes a very crucial parameter. The entire procedure is discussed here.
  • Vehicles that Sail on Water and Land
    Wouldn't you love to drive a boat that can run at a speed equal to that of the fastest car on the earth? Engineers have been looking for ways to make the transportation on water faster and smoother. Hovercraft, in a way, have proved to be the solution to this problem. So how do they work?
  • Euler's Degrees of Vortex and Propeller Design
    In basic ship designing, Euler’s equation of motion plays a vital role in finding the behavior of the ship in fluid dynamics. It is mainly use in propeller design and relating the concepts of vortex.
  • Ship Design - Castigliano Theorem At Work
    This article explains the importance and use of Castigligiano's theorems in relation to ship design for forces in an elastic structure and displacements in a linearly elastic structure
  • Extending Newtonian Mechanics for Fluid Motions
    Newtons laws of motion may be applicable ideally for bodies belonging to identified systems, however in fluid dynamics, for a control fluid volume in motion, Reynolds transport theorem becomes more appropriate. Learn more.
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