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Difference between Cruise Ships and Cargo Ships

Though structurally the differences between cruise ships and passenger ships, is not much in terms of comfort they are a worlds apart. In a cargo ship the crew are paid to run the ship, so bare minimal comforts as per the laws and conventions are provided. In a passenger ship the passengers are paying to have a good time so obviously they have to be well treated. We will now discuss the various features one by one.

Safety: In terms of safety the passenger ships are much safer as passengers are the most precious cargo one can carry. While cargo ships go for dry dock repairs once every two and a half years or so, passenger ships go every year. The surveys are very strict and all alarms and safeties are checked exhaustively. Also more engineers are provided and many ships have two engineers with a motorman in the watches as compared to one engineer and one motorman in cargo ships. They have a Captain who is the master of the ship along with a staff captain on board who can take control if anything happens to the master.

Comfort: In terms of comfort the cruise ships are a world apart. It is obvious, for example, that a tired and seasick passenger would rather lie on his bunk than spend time and money in the casino or the bar.

Cruise ships have gyroscopically controlled anti-rolling and -heeling systems that do not allow the ship to roll, thereby ensuring the comfort of the passengers. The air conditioning is much more sophisticated as extreme zonal control is required. Lots of design factors have to be considered, such as the number of air changes per hour required in the private spaces, public spaces, and the toilets. The humidity has to be controlled with the help of humidifiers and de-humidifiers. Draft, odor control, and wind chill factors all have to be kept in mind when designing the systems. Thermal shock to the passengers when coming in the accommodation from the hot decks also has to be avoided and temperature has to be controlled accordingly. In many places where passengers coming and going out is frequent air curtains have to be provided to control the cold air from escaping.

Fire Detection System: The fire detection and fighting systems have to be provided extensively as controlling and advising the passengers about casual smoking is difficult.

Saloon Department: Huge laundries, boilers, kitchens, refrigerators, and other facilities have to be provided for the passengers.

Sewage Treatment Plants: As a huge amount of sewage is generated a very sophisticated sewage treatment plant like a vacuum toilet is used (as it uses less water). The sewage has to be treated before discharge overboard under international regulations. In some ships the sewage is stored and discharged ashore.

Cruise and Cargo Ship

Cruise Ship
Cargo Ship

Difference in Construction

As discussed above the difference between a cruise ship and a cargo ships are many, however even at the construction stage there are many differences as follows:

  1. In cargo ships the windows called portholes are small and round in shape to maintain structural integrity and water tightness. In cruise ships the aim is to provide a large and clear view of the ocean so the port holes are square and huge.
  2. In cargo ships the life boats are provided where they can be easily used in emergency by the crew. In cruise ships the life boats have to be provided where they can be easily accessed by the passengers under guidance of the crew, and also they have to be positioned in such a way that the view is not blocked.
  3. In cruise ships large swimming pools are provided on the upper decks for the comfort of the passengers. To counteract for the effect on the stability of the ship due to the swimming pools, large ballast tanks are provided on the ships bottom.
  4. The level of insulating materials used on a cruise ship is exorbitant as the engine sounds as well as the sounds of the other entertainments should not disturb the sleep of the passengers.
  5. In cruise ships large spaces are to be provided for the casinos and auditoriums so the subdivision on the lower part of the ship has to be very strict.
  6. The cruise ships have to look very beautiful and inviting so beauty and comfort is most prime.

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