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What is Friction? Forces of Friction

Two surfaces in contact, no matter how much smooth they may appear to be, pose some frictional force across their surfaces. Here we try to present a comprehensive explanation regarding this phenomenon occurring every day and everywhere in our life.

How to Work With Metal Studs

During some cases, metal units with complicated orientations may become difficult securing or integrating with other metal components. Metal Studs are especially made for such applications for fixing complex metal structures or assemblies firmly over desired positions.

Causes of Plastic Tank Failures

Synthetic storage tanks, i.e. plastic storage tanks, have revolutionized the warehousing of content all over the world. Plastic tanks can store food, water, chemicals, liquids and numerous other things. This article will talk about plastic tank failures and preventive measures.

Is Antimatter Real?

Science and science-fiction often refer to terms such as antiparticles, positrons, antimatter spaceships, etc. All this matter-antimatter thing may be a little confusing to the non-expert. This article will make an attempt to clarify what is real and what is not.

Careers in Cable Manufacturing Technology

One of the fastest growing fields in technology is cable manufacturing. As the world upgrades to digital technology, the need for cable hard lines and infrastructure has increased dramatically. The labor force needed to design, manufacture, and install these cables is greatly lacking.